This past Friday, May 29, the Board of Directors of the NBA in order to continue working on the resumption of the season, suspended since last March 12 due to the global health crisis of the coronavirus (and the positive for this disease from Rudy Gobert, Utah Jazz player).

In this meeting, each of the owners of the 30 franchises in the NBA itself has been informed of the different ideas that are being managed to carry out the return of the competition, and to be able to finish the league with a champion before the new course 2020/21.

As Shams Charania, journalist and NBA insider at . and Stadium, has advanced, in the videoconference Adam Silver, commissioner of the league, has reported that the new date that has been established as in which he will play again will be July 31.

However, this decision is not yet official. Adrian Wojnarowski has reported on the vote to be held this June 4, in which this new date will have to be approved, in addition to the place where the competition will be held and the format in which the playoffs will be played for the ring of champion, among other things.

Despite the fact that uncertainty continues to reign right now among the NBA leadership, it has gone from wondering whether or not it will be played again when and how.