More than 50 days after the suspension of the championship, the NBA still lacks a clear roadmap. After the rumors that pointed to Las Vegas as a possible unique venue to retake the championship, it is now the turn of Disney World in Orlando.

04/30/2020 at 16:20



According to information from the journalist of The Athletics Shams Charabia, the Florida complex would comply with the technical and logistical requirements in such a way that the competition could be ended, always respecting all the necessary health and safety measures.

Initially, the idea of ​​the NBA would be to be able come back sometime in June, aiming to finish the season maximum in mid-August. Despite this, the possibility of cancellation is still on the table and it is not a discarding scenario.

What is already certain is that, if the competition returns, it would be safe with an empty door and with the players and technical team members concentrated in different hotels, in such a way that contact with other people was avoided and that a positive result arose.