Difficult decisions will have to be made in a short time and the NBA already works assuming that. Adam Silver and his entire executive team has a huge challenge to face in the coming weeks and within the competition it is already assumed that it will be impossible to finish the season as expected. The remaining matches of the regular season are considered lost and, as indicated in an article this week, the most normal thing would be to try to resolve the competition in a playoffs with the teams currently ranked among the top eight in each Conference. The advance of the coronavirus in the United States has no sign of slowing down so there seems to be no way to end the course, according to SportsIllustrated in a detailed article written by Chris Mannix.

03/31/2020 03:03

We unveil the duels that would take place and that could become definitive in case the coronavirus crisis continues for a few months.

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According to this renowned American journalist, authorized voices in the NBA leadership team already take for granted inability to finish the season normally. The economic impact of not playing any other game and leaving the year deserted would be huge, so the organization’s desire is to bet on a formula that allows the existence of a champion. “Several teams have told us that there are no options for playoffs to be played as usual,” says the report after speaking with several franchises. Dispute playoffs to seven games with displacement is something utopian since if the competition resumes, it will be under strict sanitary controls.

So, the only real option today would be to concentrate the top 16 current NBA teams in one city, where the playoffs are played in a reduced format, even in a single match, they simulate a European League Cup. Las Vegas it is the best positioned. Its geographical situation of isolation, a large hotel offer to accommodate 16 staff and everything they carry, as well as the existence of notable pavilions and high-level facilities developed under the auspices of the Summer League that have been held there for years, make this city in the ideal option. Even in the aforementioned article it is mentioned that the impossibility of having public in the stands. It will be necessary to be attentive to the following decisions that the commissioner of the NBA.