The NBA returns from this Thursday the 2020-21 season in the ‘bubble’ of Orlando. An unprecedented situation for the sake of the pandemic that must crown the champion of this exercise, at most, on October 13.

07/28/2020 at 17:17


An event that Pau Gasol he must settle for seeing as a mere spectator after a month of July that has been special for him. He turned 40 on day 6 and on Monday announced his future paternity on the networks.

At this point, however, his sports future is up in the air. The center continues with the recovery of his stress fracture in the navicular bone of his left foot that has prevented him from playing for more than a year, specifically since March 10, 2019. “I am working to be able to enjoy a little more. A couple of months from now I will have more information on whether my foot allows me to jump and sprint or if my role in the sport has to be another one now and it can’t wait any longer & rdquor ;, Pau commented last day 21 in a talk with the pilot Fernando Alonso within the PL4NETS solidarity summit, created by the Gasol Foundation to promote healthy habits.

Putting the finishing touch on his career at the Tokyo Games would be his longing. “Being in a fifth Games would be fine. We will see. Now we have few certainties and we can only control the present. I would like and it would be very nice. Hopefully it will & rdquor; Pau explained in that same informal chat.

Find team

To see this dream come true Gasol -if he fully recovers from his injury- he needs to play again. The beautiful story of returning to Barça – which Pau serves as ambassador for something that the club itself was in charge of publicly denying in the mouth of the manager Joan Bladé – has long been raised. « With Pau Gasol there has been no negotiation and there will not be. & Rdquor; Given such emphaticity, you have to think that finding a new franchise in the NBA would be your best option.

In this sense, the delay of the dates to start the 2020-21 exercise would favor it since free agency will not open until October 18 and the start of the regular phase is scheduled for December 1. From there, the million dollar question What will it do Pau?