The NBA recovers its usual calendar and returns to bet on the play-in

The American league confirms the key dates for the 2021-2022 season: starting on October 19 and NBA Finals until June 19.

The play-in tournament for access to the playoffs will repeat one more year: it will be played between April 12 and 15.

The Milwaukee Bucks will defend their NBA championship ring as of October 19, 2021, the date scheduled for the start of the next season in the US league.


The NBA does not stop and its machinery greases the engines towards the 2021-2022 season, which will start next October 19 with the start of the regular season.

Before, in a matter of days, the market for transfers and free agents will begin to move, who will be able to sign with their new teams from August 6.

Among the most prominent revelations of the calendar is the return to pre-pandemic normality as for dates of reference. The start in October and the seventh game of the NBA Finals, June 19 at the latest, once again allow more slack in the weekly programming of the competition after two frantic years marked by the coronavirus.

Another key news is the permanence of the play-in tournament for access to the playoffs between the seventh and tenth classified of each conference. The success of audiences and media expectation will repeat one more year between April 12 and 15, 2022.

All key dates

NBA 21-22 Schedule

August 2: opening negotiation with free agents. August 6: Official start of the NBA market. August 8-17: Summer League in Las Vegas. September 28: start of pre-season training. October 19: start of the regular season. April 10: end of the regular season. April 12: start of the play-in (until the 15th) April 16: start of the playoffs June 2: start of the NBA Finals (until July 19 at the latest) June 23: NBA Draft 2022 Read also

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