Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a living NBA legend, has traditionally been highly critical of Donald trump since he got to the White House. And he has not been left out of the way that the President of the United States is carrying out in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. In an article published by ‘The Guardian’, the basketball star praises the NBA, which was his home for 20 years, for his “wise decision” to stop the season provisionally.

03/15/2020 at 13:05



The opinion column of Abdul-Jabbar It is titled: “Why is suspending the NBA such a great act of patriotism?” . And in his arguments, the former NBA champion points out that “I never thought that I would see big business acting in a more patriotic and generous way than the presidential administration itself. What makes these actions by the NBA and other sports so significant is that They are doing it voluntarily, without being coerced by the federal governments. They could have crawled, as the states have done, and have taken people down to the last dollar before closing their doors, but they have put public health above the self-interest and is something the Trump administration cannot say. Leaders leading by example … “.

The NBA season was suspended after the positive of Rudy Gobert, player of the Utah Jazz, although after that case those of his partner have already occurred Donovan Mitchell and the Detroit Pistons player Christian wood. The suspension period could be extended if the infections in the United States, which at the moment is in the phase of expansion of the virus, are not managed.