Sport has a powerful influence on society and the NBA It is one of the competitions that takes the most care of what is known as corporate social responsibility, advocating to support solidarity initiatives, openly speaking out against social injustices and acting as a motor in the fight for change. This is what he is doing after the wave of indignation that shakes the United States after what happened in Minneapolis a few days ago. The murder by the police of George Floyd It adds one more row in the long list of police abuses against blacks in the American country and makes clear the existence of a very serious problem rooted in American society.

It didn’t take long for some of the league’s most important players to respond to this brutality and express their outrage. If this has a solution, it can come with the involvement of social leaders such as Lebron James, and with the opinion without ambivalence like the one it has poured Jaylen Brown. “If I’m there, they’ll arrest me for sure,” said the Boston Celtics guard, one of the players most valued for his cultural and social concerns throughout the NBA. It was not only players and blacks who protested, the message of Steve Kerr very important to demonstrate that the whole of society must be involved in this change. “What the hell is wrong in America?” The Warriors coach tweeted accompanying the video of the attack.

Glenn Taylor, owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves, was showing his outrage as well. “This is a terrible tragedy and a real shame. We must better understand the situation of others and understand the seriousness of this; there are people who exercise their position of power with total injustice and impunity. I hope that people will respond by showing their pain and solidarity, and not destroying and stealing things. We will work tirelessly to be leaders of change, “he said in words collected by SportsYahoo.