Hope to return to competition within the NBA every day is greater because the work done by the commissioner Adam Silver is about to close the plan that allows them to restart the action in the near future, which could be next July.

05/22/2020 at 10:39



The NBA is taking meticulous steps toward a return to the season as the country also slowly begins to reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic. Some sports facilities for the teams have been reopened so that players can work individually and on a voluntary basis, with no coaches (official jobs not yet allowed) as the league begins preparations for the restart at one or more centralized locations.

Many details have yet to be determined, such as how many teams will actually return to finish the season, how many more regular season matches will be played and how the players will be accommodated. The league expects to have a month-long training camp at each team’s training facility, followed by the resumption of the season, probably at Disney World in Orlando, given that the ESPN / Disney network is a major NBA sponsor.

In addition, the area has a large hotel space and also sports facilities where teams can train. The league does not want to risk traveling much during the pandemic. Therefore, it is likely that the playoffs are held in Orlando with few or even no fans. In addition, all players will be evaluated with the COVID-19 test and theThe league is trying to develop a strategy in case a player tests positive.

The league plan is to eliminate any player who tests positive and quickly resumes the season, regardless of the player. This will encourage players to limit interaction with others during the restart. There is an agreement between the players and the owners to resume the season, and there are financial incentives for both.

The league was in the midst of one of the most exciting seasons of the past year.s. With the Golden State Warriors rebuilding, there was no definitive favorite, and the Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers, and Los Angeles Clippers were the title favorites when the suspension was given.

In the individual section, the eaves Lebron James was experiencing a revival after an injury-ridden first season with lyou Lakers.

The Greek power forward Giannis Antetokounmpo he was getting even better numbers this season than his Most Valuable Player (MVP) of 2018-19 with the Bucks, while the eaves Paul george and Kawhi Leonard began to dominate in front of the Clippers.

The NBA hesitated to take an important step toward a return until it found a method that would allow it to conduct general player testing. without removing those tests from the population that needs it most. The plan is for players to be tested once a week, and each of them will also have their temperature taken before entering the fields and training facilities.

The hope is to finish the playoffs in early September, avoiding conflicts with the regular season of the National Football League (NFL). Of course, that would ensure that the 2020-21 season would be delayed, potentially starting in December.

The above means that the competition would last until August and there would be no possibility that NBA stars were at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics with the United States national team.

For now, the goal is to resume the season, but the players insist that they do not risk anything that could harm their families when it comes to putting health at risk. Hence, the teams are now only focused on ensuring the return to team training and rethinking regular competition.