The NBA player who no one shakes hands with

Playing basketball or any other sport, one of the most common gestures after achieving a point or an objective is to bump hands with your teammates. But not for Josh Hart.

The young guard, who a few months ago was traded from the Lakers to the Pelicans in the ‘trade’ that brought Anthony Davis to LeBron’s team, has become almost a living meme since last season, in his second year, he starred the following image: when he tries to shake hands with LeBron after a basket, his partner seems not to know.

But that was just the beginning. Another time, Hart stared at his hand without bumping and bumping himself.

As things are, the joke has been getting bigger and bigger to the point that now, in his new team, Zion Williamson’s Pelicans, it seems that things are the same. Nobody shocks him. But the best thing is that this time it was Hart himself who shared the images on Twitter.

What we are not clear about is to what extent this is starting to be somewhat prepared, but whatever it is, now we are all a bit more of Hart.