The hope of resuming the NBA season is increasing every day, because the plan that allows the teams to restart the action in the near future takes shape, which could happen next July.

Some franchise facilities have reopened for players to work individually and voluntarily, without coaches (official jobs are not yet allowed), as the league begins preparations for the restart at one or more locations centralized, among which Disneyland, in Orlando, stings.

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Many details have yet to be determined, such as how many regular season games will be played (approximately fifteen weeks to go for all teams) and where the players will be staying.

Although it is precisely due to the hotel availability of the most famous mouse resort in the world that this space is the best considered to resume the action. In fact, in August last year, the NBA and Disney opened the NBA Experience at Disney Springs, that 13,000-square-meter, two-story space where activities and games can be held.

A view of the entrance road to Walt Disney World Resort, possible place where the NBA is resumed. (Photo: AP)

Having all these facilities at hand that are managed by a major business partner emerges as a key point in favor of the entertainment emporium. But the league expects the teams to complete a month-long training campus in their own spaces before the season resumes.

Until the suspension, 2019/20 was one of the most exciting campaigns in recent years. With the Golden State Warriors rebuilding underway, there was no definitive favorite, and both Los Angeles Lakers and Milwaukee and the Clippers appeared as favorites to the crown.

Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James, two of the title contenders with the two Los Angeles teams. (Photo: DPA)

All players will be evaluated with COVID-19 tests and the NBA is trying to develop a strategy in case a player tests positive. There are discussions with at least four private providers of those tests, a factor that commissioner Adam Silver describes as essential for the game to be played again.

For this, it was key to have found a method that allows carrying out generalized tests of players without removing those tests from the population that most needs it.

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The plan is for players to undergo testing once a week and each of them will also have their temperature taken before entering the courts or training facilities.

The hope is to finish the playoffs in early September, avoiding conflicts with the regular season of American football (NFL). Of course, that would guarantee that the 2020-21 championship would potentially be delayed in early December. But this was already something spoken, regardless of what happened with the current contest.

The NBA has been detained since last March 13. (Photo: .)

That would create another problem, the scope of which will be known later, since the upcoming competition could last until August 2021 and would greatly complicate the presence of NBA stars (at least those who qualify for the postseason) at the Olympic Games. from Tokyo.

For now, the goal is to resume the season, but many players insist they won’t risk anything that could harm their families when it comes to putting their health at risk. That is why the teams right now are focused on ensuring the return to collective training.

Executives are still devising a plan on how to end the regular season and determine tiebreaker spots, especially since there are important unresolved questions, such as whether the season will resume with all 30 teams when several are already eliminated from the playoffs.

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Another option could be to establish an entry tournament among those who still have chances for the last two playoff spots in each conference.

These are some of the questions that will have to be answered in the coming weeks, but for now the NBA seems to be on its way to resume the season next July.

With information from EFE