Despite NBA attempts to try to resume the season in the coming months, that scenario is becoming more complicated and the League itself is already beginning to think about a possible cancellation of the season, something they wanted to avoid at all costs.

04/05/2020 at 21:59


As NBA Commissioner AdamSilver always said, the first thing that interests them is the health of the players and fans, and therefore, and en view that the pandemic grows more and more in the United States, the possibility of ending the season is very complicated.

Neither the words of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, of wanting to retake all professional competitions, seems to have taken effect in one of the main Leagues, because the reality is that COVID-19 is far from being controlled, despite the good words of the president.

The worst case scenario

And Silver, For weeks he has been studying the worst-case scenario, which, unfortunately, is getting closer every day.. In fact, he has been negotiating with the Players Union, and is seeking consensus among all parties to bring the campaign to an abrupt end.

“In the negotiations between the players’ union and the league, it is clear that the NBA is trying to establish an agreement that allows them to cancel the season,” Windhorst, an ESPN journalist and knowledgeable of the negotiations, said.

“They don’t have to yet, and the way they are negotiating they are giving themselves an option to end the season. However, they are not having conversations on how to restart the league. They are involved in economic negotiations on what would happen if the season is canceled, and I think there is a great deal of pessimism at the moment. “

Individual competition

While deciding how to closeFor the season, the NBA, along with the Players Association, is considering holding a competitive shooting challenge competition. and in sometimes implausible positions, which will be broadcast on television between players confined due to the coronavirus pandemic, and which the network would offer ESPN.

The negotiation has started, although the details are not known, nor the schedule nor possible players who want to participate in the tournament,