The NBA It is close to completing a month since the competition was suspended indefinitely due to the positive by coronavirus from Rudy Gobert, Utah Jazz player (last March 12). Since then, the way to end the season or, on the contrary, to cancel it entirely, has been working and negotiating with the Players Union.

The fact is that, while the league is stopped by the quarantine established in the United States and Canada to stop Covid-19, the NBA itself is looking for new competition formats that adapt to the confinement of the players in their homes.

According to the journalist and NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, the American League is currently negotiating with ESPN broadcasting a new type of tournament on television so that fans continue to enjoy the stars of the sport.

The tournament in question would be carried out in the following way: each participating player would launch to the basket in isolation, that is, from some place of their own (presumably in home gyms). Each competitor must fight to be the one who scores the most basket, as if it were a kind of triple contest. Details are still being finalized, but this idea will most likely go ahead and be confirmed in the coming days.

Currently, some NBA players are playing an ‘online’ tournament through the game “NBA 2K20”. Ideas to make quarantine more enjoyable are not lacking. In a few days, it will be known exactly between which dates this tournament will take place and what prize the winner will take.