The NBA commissioner’s office is already working on finding a competition schedule for the 2020-21 season that will allow foreign stars and international players to be in the upcoming Tokyo 2021 Summer Games.

06/10/2020 at 09:04



In addition, it will also be sought that the calendar can be adjusted again to the regular competition that was established before the coronavirus pandemic that forced the suspension of the regular season on March 11 occurred.

The plans the NBA works on were unveiled on Tuesday by Atlanta Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk, who reported that the league office had already communicated to team officials its intentions.

« Because of this circumstance, I think the league wants to stay as close to its original schedule as possible, » Schlenk explained in a conference call with journalists.

The Atlanta season ended last week when the league approved a plan for 22 of the 30 teams to go to Orlando and to resume league competition next July.

Schlenk admitted that there were many different reasons for the league to work on that kind of schedule for the upcoming season, such as the college season itself and the subsequent draw.

Hence, the league has established a timeline in which it would be a very fast change from the NBA Finals to the beginning of the 2020-21 season, but they will have no other solution than to establish a schedule that returns to be too condensed as it had previously happened.

« As you know, there has been a huge push to prevent games from happening over and over again four out of five nights, but we could find ourselves in a situation next year where it would be much more condensed, » Schlenk said.

The NBA set a tentative schedule to open the training camp on November 10 and begin the next season on December 1, both unexpected, said Michele Roberts, the union’s executive director.

The possible start date of December 1 is less than two months after the possible final day of the NBA Finals, on October 12, which is an extremely short off season.

However, starting so fast would at least give the NBA a chance to end its regular season and playoffs ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which have been postponed until next summer.

The Olympics are a huge television draw, and the NBA would not want the final rounds of the league playoffs, its exhibition event, to conflict with them.

There is also the fact that the NBA had 108 international players on its rosters at the beginning of this season, with many of them in contention to represent their countries at the Olympics, in addition to the United States Team, current Olympic champion, with the NBA stars.

If the NBA uses the same 177-day period to play the regular season it did this year, starting on December 1, the last day of the league will take place on Wednesday, May 26.

So the start of the playoffs would begin after Saturday, May 29, and if the same 65 days were scheduled for this year’s playoffs, they would potentially end on Sunday, August 1, more than a week after the scheduled date for the start of the Tokyo Olympics, next on July 23.

Over the past few seasons, the NBA has made a concerted effort to steer clear of consecutive games, and starting with the 2017-18 season, it completely eliminated the sets of four games over five nights from its schedule.

While the league has absolutely no intention of reintroducing four-in-five, there would have to be an increase in back-to-back to fit into the season before the Olympics, even if it eventually ends up condensing its schedule.

At this point, however, nothing has been agreed. For the league to start the season on December 1, the union would have to sign it, which has yet to happen.

Both sides remain focused on the countless problems that remain to be solved before the league can start playing at Walt Disney World Resort next month.

The idea of ​​changing the NBA schedule of his current schedule to start the regular season in October and end his playoffs in June to go from December to August, and, by extension, avoid conflicting with the NFL as much as possible as well could come into play.