The NBA has officially confirmed that it is negotiating with Disney to host the remainder of the season. The intention of the North American competition was an open secret, but the spokesman Mike Bass has made it official, as reported by the journalist Ramona Shelburne. Although it is not yet known with certainty if the course is going to be resumed, everything indicates that steps are being taken to make that happen. Next week, Adam Silver plans to give more information on the alleged resumption.

A few weeks ago, the journalist Keith Smith already stated that Disney was not at all an exotic or extravagant option when analyzing the facts and in the end it has imposed itself on other cities such as Las Vegas, which rang loud. He did it from a privileged point of view since he worked for two decades for DisneyIt’s almost always that legendary Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. There, to begin with, there is plenty of space (almost 100 square kilometers) and this is completely private, so quarantine and isolation could be much more effective and real than in any city or island, no matter how much control can be exercised in these. In addition, the facilities of the University of Central Florida are nearby and, of course, from Orlando Magic, the other Florida franchise (along with the more Miami Heat media) that he has Disney as a sponsor on his shirt.

There are also hospitals nearby, leisure and dining options are guaranteed and accommodation too, and very close to an ESPN Wide World of Sports that would serve as the epicenter of this NBA confined to Disneyland: there are two resorts with almost 5,000 rooms available, the Art of Animation (about 2,000) and the Pop Century (about 2,900). In addition, the most luxurious Riviera Resort (about 300 rooms) is also at hand, always within walking distance of that strategic Wide World of Sports, a tremendous ESPN sports conglomerate where the availability of training space for all teams would be guaranteed, also if there are 30 (the whole league), and where there are three ideal places to play games, if necessary simultaneously: HP Field, which already hosts university appointments with live television, the Visa Center and The Arena (which usually hosts national animation competitions, cheerleaders …). These last two can function as official match courts or transform into training places where up to six courts could be located. Furthermore, and this seems an essential matter, all these facilities are (ESPN’s guarantee) already perfectly adapted and equipped for the highest quality television broadcast. Qualities that have allowed the NBA to opt for this place to carry out a hypothetical resumption.