The NBA carries out a special Draft that does not have a clear candidate for number 1: who can choose the Argentine Bolmaro and everything you need to know

Leandro Bolmaro is the only Latin American in the NBA Draft Leandro Bolmaro is the only Latin American in the NBA Draft

After what Los Angeles Lakers from Lebron James were consecrated in the health bubble that NBA organized at the Disney complex in Orlando, the machinery of the best basketball league in the world is back in action. With the confirmation that the next season will start on December 22, a new edition of the lottery for young players is the first step that the teams will take to create their rosters for 2020-2021.

The Draft of the NBA, which had a date set for June 25 at the Barclays Center, the arena where the local Brooklyn nets, had to be postponed due to the pandemic and finally takes place this Wednesday, November 18 at the ESPN television network headquarters in Bristol and virtually. From 22 (Argentine time), the luck of the players of the most famous league on the planet can be followed by ESPN.

In the drawing, the league’s 30 franchises have a chance to select the best youth prospects in college basketball in the United States. There will also be the presence of international interpreters. Among those names will be the Argentine Leandro Bolmaro, the only Latin American present in the national team.

How is the NBA Draft 2020

The lottery is a system that aims to match talent in the NBA and allows the teams with the worst record from the previous season to be able to plan and keep the best young players available, whether they come from American or international basketball.

The event consists of 60 selections separated in two rounds. Initially, each franchise has two selections, but those may change based on previous player exchanges between teams. The first 14 teams are destined for the teams that did not qualify for the playoffs last season: in this way the one who will have the No. 1 position to choose will be the Minnesota Timberwolves where is the former base station technical assistant Paul prigioni. Golden state warriors (2), Charlotte hornets (3), Chicago Bulls (4) and Cleveland Cavaliers (5) top the top five teams.

According to the main analysts, there are five players who are called to be chosen in the first initial places of a lottery that will not have the same valuation in the youth prospects as in previous years. Anthony Edwards, Deni Avdija, James Wiseman, LaMelo Ball and Isaac okoro they have a real chance of being in the Top 5 of the selection.

This will be the order of selection of the NBA Draft 2020 This will be the order of selection of the NBA Draft 2020

For example, in the 2019 edition the N ° 1 was for the young sensation Zion Williamson, a boy from almost 2 meters high Y more than 120 kilos who dazzled college basketball on his brief stint at Duke University with dunks and acrobatic shots that led to the New Orleans Pelicans to choose him in the first place of the Draft. The other that caused a sensation was the one selected in position 2: Ja morant, base of Memphis Grizzlies, who completed a great season and was voted Rookie of the Year.

Once the players are chosen, their rights immediately belong to the franchises that selected them. In order to be added to the roster, they must establish a rookie contract agreement.

Anthony Edwards, from the University of Georgia, could be chosen in position 1 of the NBA Draft (Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports) Anthony Edwards, from the University of Georgia, could be chosen in position 1 of the NBA Draft (Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports)

Who are the teams that could choose Bolmaro and why he can make history for Argentine basketball

Bolmaro, who two years ago participated in the Básquetbol Sin Fronteras event – an event organized by the NBA for projects with a possible future in the league – and was elected among the 12 best of the tournament, started his career in Basket Bay, the team of the Argentine National League whose director is Pepe Sanchez. After your experience at the Bahía Blanca club, Barcelona of Spain acquired the rights to Bolmaro and, after moving from the subsidiary to the first team, the Catalan institution improved him and renewed his contract until 2023.

The 20-year-old from Cordoba is one of the great Latin American talents of recent times. In the last 10 years, 27 international players were chosen in the top 10 of the Draft, including 16 among the top five. It is important to remember that the last Argentine selected was Juan Pablo Vaulet in the 2015 draft when the Charlotte Hornets picked him 39th and then traded him to the Brooklyn Nets for two second-round picks.

According to the main specialists who are in charge of predicting possible selections of the teams in the NBA draw, Bolmaro’s name could appear between the 20 to 35 places in the national team. Among the franchises that are located in these positions, the one that was mentioned the most in sites such as Babcock Hoops or ., were the Boston Celtics.

The franchise that won the most league championships alongside the Lakers would be one of the most active in the selection of young talents and Bolmaro could be one of the pieces to choose from having three spots in the first round of the Draft. Another NBA history could add to the choice of the Argentine who dazzled the Catalans in a short time. The Philadelphia 76ers may become another destination For Leandro if we take into account the large number of picks that the team has in the city where the independence of the United States was founded.

Another of the franchises that was mentioned in the American press as a variable for Bolmaro’s landing in the NBA are the Dallas mavericks. The entity chaired by the eccentric billionaire Mark Cuban has long been transformed into a space where great international or projection players are chosen. Today is the place that leads Luka doncic, one of the sensations of the league.

In addition, a few days before the end of last season, the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper added the Argentine base in a trio of basketball players with projection together with the name of the Serbs Borisa Simanic and Aleksej Pokusevsko to be chosen in the second-round picks by the Golden state warriors, one of the most winning franchises of the last decade from the hand of Stephen Curry Y Klay thompson together with the technical direction of Steve Kerr.

In the Official Draft Guide, the NBA listed the young player whom they compared to Manu Ginobili for his athletic ability and physical size. “Complete athlete with a ‘fast engine'”, says one of the characteristics that the league chose to describe the Cordovan. What were the other qualities that stood out in the review? “He has good size and creativity, he can play with or without the ball in attack and is attentive on both sides of the court”.

Leandro Bolmaro has the dream of playing in the NBA (NBA Academies) Leandro Bolmaro has the dream of playing in the NBA (NBA Academies)

If Bolmaro is selected among the first 24 places, he will be the best selected Argentine player in NBA Draft history. and will surpass Carlos Delfino, who in the 2003 edition was selected in 25th place by the Detroit Pistons.

All Argentines chosen in the NBA Draft:

1988: Jorge González (54 °) and Hernán Montenegro (57 °)

1993: Marcelo Nicola (50th)

1999: Manu Ginobili (57th)

2002: Federico Kammerichs (51st) and Luis Scola (56th)

2003: Carlos Delfino (25th)

2015: Juan Pablo Vaulet (39th)


Time: 22 (Argentine time)



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