Mike Conley awaits further instructions, along with the rest of the NBA.

The league continues to work in multiple scenarios to resume its campaign. Two people with knowledge of the situation said yesterday that Orlando (a city mentioned for several weeks), is considered together with Las Vegas and Houston as a possible venue to complete the season.

More than half of NBA teams have reopened their facilities for voluntary training. Minnesota is expected to be next today.

Utah is among the teams that reopened, but Conley remains at home in Ohio and has not yet traveled to Salt Lake City for these sessions at the Jazz facility.

“I’ve been working like we’re going to come back,” Conley said yesterday. “I would like to have an instruction, know if I should keep my foot on the pedal or take it off a bit and rest if we are not going to play until next year or next season. So I think it is going to be a wait and see game. I’ll be ready anyway. “

Yesterday, Los Angeles Lakers center Jared Dudley said he is 90% confident that the NBA will return this season. He stressed that the players are indebted to the fans to at least try to end the campaign.

But Dudley also admitted that the notion of the league returning within a “bubble” is wrong. Players will be allowed to leave the NBA campus, whatever it may be, knowing that they are at risk in doing so.

“If you come back with the crown (virus), you can’t play,” said Dudley.

Yesterday was the 10th week since the NBA stopped on March 11, a decision made after Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz tested positive for COVID-19.

Under normal conditions, the NBA would be playing the conference finals at this time. Players who received their pay on May 15 suffered a 25% hold on their checks, given the possibility of games being canceled. If no more regular season commitments are disputed, they could lose a total of $ 850 million in wages.

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