The National Lottery distributes thousands of euros in three provinces

This Saturday’s National Lottery has brought luck to a total of four municipalities in three provinces Spanish, where they have played the biggest prizes of the draw.

In this way, the first prize – endowed with 600,000 euros for the number – has fallen entirely in the Community of Madrid.

Specifically, the winners have been sold in lottery administrations in the town of Alcobendas and in Madrid capital, has reported Lotteries and State Betting.

For his part, second prize -from 120,000 euros to the number- has gone to three provinces. The tenth winners have been distributed in Madrid, Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia) and Saragossa.

The National Lottery draw is one of the games that they have more reception in Spain. You can get a ticket for 3 euros in Thursday’s draw. On ordinary Saturdays the price increases to 6 euros; On special Saturdays it is charged at 12 euros and up to 15 or 20 for extraordinary draws.