The National Court agrees to try the Pujol family for criminal organization

The Criminal Chamber of the National audience has confirmed the order of Judge José de la Mata in which he proposed to try the members of the Pujol Ferrusola family for crimes of criminal organization or illicit association, money laundering, crime against the Public Treasury and documentary falsification. This includes the ‘expresident’ of the Generalitat Jordi Pujol, his wife Marta Ferrusola and the seven children What do they have in common.

The Third Section of the Criminal Chamber fully ratifies the order to proceed to the abbreviated procedure issued by the instructor for all those investigated in this procedure, with the exception of Carlos Sumarroca Coixet, for whom the case file is agreed, and Mercé Gironés, to whom two crimes against the public finances are withdrawn.

In its resolution, the court confirms the competence of the National Court and indicates that the nuclear acts were carried out abroad – mainly in Andorra – through the movement of cash funds of various accounts opened abroad, owned by various members of the Pujol family, accounts that, furthermore, according to the order appealed, were placed in the name of foundations controlled by said family