The National Cinematheque reopens with outdoor functions

The National Cinematheque resumed its activities with open-air functions yesterday, after suspending its programming for two months due to the epidemiological red light in Mexico City, the federal Ministry of Culture reported.

The venue, located in the Xoco neighborhood, in Mexico City, will resume activities in its Gabriel Figueroa Open Air Forum with a maximum capacity of 150 people and under the sanitary measures provided by the Health authorities. For example, only three people per mat will be allowed to sit together, and before entering the exhibition area, users must go through an antibacterial gel filter and disinfect their footwear.

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The programming planned for the reopening will be of Mexican cinema; The functions began this Friday at 7:00 p.m., in addition to making the services of the soda fountain and the main candy store available to the public and offering the support of waiters to avoid conglomerations of people at the counters.

“The time has come to reopen, with great care, the reopening of outdoor cultural spaces and what better way to do it than to enjoy Mexican cinema films at the National Cinematheque, an emblematic place that has an open-air forum where you can receive to the audience ”, commented the Secretary of Culture, Alejandra Frausto Guerrero, in a statement.

The functions in the Open Air Forum will be free entry and will be carried out in full monitoring of the protocols for the opening of cultural spaces, designed by the Secretaries of Culture and Health, and in accordance with the measures that the Government of the City Mexico established the mandatory use of face masks and antibacterial gel, among others.

The reopening program will be with films from 20th century Mexican cinema; the performances began with Cuartelazo (1977), by Alberto Isaac; by the same director will be broadcast this Saturday El rincón de las virgenes (1972) and on Sunday the show will be La Passion According to Berenice (1976), by director Jaime Humberto Hermosillo.