The nasal spray that prevents coronavirus for up to 48 hours

Last July, when the Coronavirus pandemic was in full remission or “control” of its first wave, it was News the creation of a nasal spray that prevented the Coronavirus from entering the nose, a project that apparently did not go ahead, but that apparently “comes to life” with another nasal spray developed in the United Kingdom, so we are going to know a little better the nasal spray that prevents SARS-COV-2 for up to 48 hours.

The nasal spray that prevents SARS-COV-2 for up to 48 hours

Have been Researchers at the Healthcare Technologies Institute at the University of Birmingham they have created a spray capable of preventing COVID-19 using compounds already approved by health institutions in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States, which are in fact common and used for the production of other similar products.

Before publication of the study, which would subsequently be peer-reviewed, that is, an expert peer review, An experiment was conducted that tested resistance and the ability to inhibit infection in some cell cultures. The result was surprising because, even diluting the spray concentrate, the cultures treated with it were protected from the virus for up to 48 hours.

How is the spray that prevents coronavirus

The composition of the spray is made up of two polysaccharide polymers, the First formed by an antiviral agent, carrageenan, used in food as a thickener, Meanwhile he second is called gellan and is a solution with a high adhesion capacity to cells inside the nose. . Gellan also has the ability to spray in tiny droplets, covering evenly and staying still rather than slipping out of the nose.

The spray works in two ways: in the first catch and cover the virus inside the nose, in this way it can be easily eliminated by blowing or swallowing, in the second however, the virus is encapsulated in the viscous layer of the spray that remains in the nose when we spray it, so that it can be removed again with a handkerchief. To the inhibit your viral load, not even our sneezes will be able to infect those around us with active viral particles, which in fact will not be present.

“Since the aerosol is made from extremely readily available products, they are already used in food products and for the production of medicines,” explained the study author Richard Moakes , We could start mass production in a few weeks! »

The extreme effectiveness of the spray, According to the team of researchers, it could be a solution for unavoidable crowded situations, such as when traveling on airplanes or trains or also to use in schools. In similar contexts, in addition to favoring an economic recovery, spraying could significantly decrease the transmission of COVID.

“Products like this spray do not replace existing measures, such as wearing a mask and continuous hand washing, which will continue to be vital in preventing the spread of the virus,” added Dr. Moakes. “However, it will add a second layer of protection. «