The Nanny: Reunion of the cast 20 years later | INSTAGRAM

Almost at the age of 20 since the last episode of the iconic television program “The Nanny” was broadcast, the original cast organized a cyber meeting, in the midst of contingency, to recreate the first chapter of the series that premiered in the year 1993.

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It was through the official Instagram account of the protagonist: Fran Drescher, she shared a clip with fragments of which the meeting was, such that it was transmitted in its entirety on YouTube.

Thanks to the isolation to which most of the American population is subjected, the cast and production wanted to agree with their fans, showing a virtual meeting, where Mr. Sheffield, Niles, CC Badcock and Maxwell’s three children were present: Margaret , Brighton and Grace Sheffield. Clearly without forgetting the incomparable Sylvia Fine, who played Fran’s mother.

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After almost twenty years of saying goodbye to their beloved audience, after six seasons, the cast, who for obvious reasons looks different, were immediately recognized by their true followers. In the case of Fran Drescher, after her decision to stay away from open television, she still wears that beautiful smile that characterizes her as the Fran Fine that conquered everyone’s heart.

However, bell Fran is not the only one who looks practically the same as when they filmed the series, the actress Renée Taylor, who plays Sylvia, seems that the years do not pass by her and keeps that beautiful blonde hair that, in the program, I used to comb it with crepe that was also used by the grandmother Yetta, played by Ann Morgan and who unfortunately already stopped living, since June of last year.

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Another actor who looks identical to his character is Niles, Daniel Davis, who was quite amused during the conversation, where like Charles Shaugnessy (Mr. Sheffield) they only look different due to the gray hairs, a trait that really both are doing very well.

We also saw, even promoting this transmission on YouTube on her Instagram account, she went to C.C Babcock, played by Lauren Lane, who retains her iconic blonde hair and added glasses to her look that gave her a very intellectual touch.

In this virtual reunion, the eyes were also on the “children” of the series, who have indeed changed. Margaret and Brighton no longer look like teenagers, and Grace is definitely not the cute little girl who brought out the babysitter’s cute side anymore.

“Laughter is the best medicine, so in these tough times, Petah (series producer Peter Marc Jacobson) and I thought: Wouldn’t it be great to bring the original cast together for virtual pilot reading?” Fran commented on one of the clips with which he announced that the transmission would take place.