The mythical director Dario Argento will star in the new Gaspar Noé

Dario Argento he is no stranger to acting. The influential Italian filmmaker, a key figure in the giallo, has tried from time to time in his past to appear in the form of cameos or small roles, but he had never had the opportunity of a leading man until Gaspar Noé he made a curious proposal. According to websites such as Asbury Movies, Argento accepted after much begging, and will play the main character of the next film by the director of Irreversible. Of which no plot or title is known, but a very juicy detail of Argento’s role is known: he will be a film critic, a profession that the filmmaker himself exercised during his youth before getting behind the cameras.

The admiration that Noé feels for Argento’s cinema came to light based on a couple of more or less explicit tributes that we saw in his acclaimed Climax (specifically to the great classic of giallo: Suspiria, directed by Argento in 1977). Hence, it is not surprising that the Argentine director has tried to have the signatory of Dark red by all means, even if at first he resisted. According to Argento in an interview during the Noir Festival (held online): “I accepted at Gaspar’s insistence, as we have been friends for a long time. At first I refused, I had no intention of playing that role, but he kept insisting and in the end I agreed ”.

Thus, the director of The bird with the crystal feathers will be at the forefront of this mysterious project, Noah’s next work after the unclassifiable Lux Æterna. Said filmmaker, yes, has ties with Argento beyond friendship, since he recently collaborated with his daughter, the actress Asia Argento, as a voice actor in the animated film Schirkoa, adaptation of the acclaimed homonymous short. As for Argento, the filmmaker is already 80 years old but has not stopped working, currently preparing the film together with Asia. Black glasses.

Regardless of the argument that this film may have (possibly as unhealthy as its author is accustomed to), the very idea of ​​Noah directing Argento is a dream image for fans of the genre. Hopefully more details about this movie will be known soon.