The mythical blue screen of death will stop being blue in Windows 11

Windows 11 Developer Preview has only been live for a few days. However, this version is already showing some features that Microsoft did not announce at its last event but that may be interesting for many. One of them is the classic blue screen of death color change Windows, as collected by The Verge.

The Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), which usually occurs when there is an error that prevents the system from starting, was introduced in Windows 1.0. Although it has been changing tonality throughout the versions of the operating system, until now, it had always been presented with a bluish tone. In Windows 11, however, the screen background is black. It retains, yes, the sad face that the company included in Windows 8, the white text and the QR code that allows more information to be obtained when scanned through the camera.

There’s another interesting change to the blue — or black — screen of death. In Windows 11, the word “Your PC” (in Spanish, “your PC”), has been replaced by “Your Device” or “Your Device”. A modification that could refer to all those convertible equipment, such as the Surface Go 2.

Will the blue screen of death come to Windows 11?

Image: The Verge.

The black screen of the death, remember, has appeared on the Windows 11 developer preview. It is not clear if Microsoft will definitely change it for this new tone in the final version, or if it will keep the classic blue color. The black hue matches the minimalist aesthetic of the new operating system. In fact, the boot screen also has a dark background.

Beyond the black screen, Windows 11 includes very interesting news. The operating system will allow you to run Android applications, which can be downloaded through a renewed and more open application store. The new version also comes with a new design throughout the interface and features that can help productivity are added, such as an option to organize windows.

The new version of Windows will start arriving later this year. It will be free on computers that already have Windows 10. Before upgrading, users should consider new requirements, such as TMP 2.0 support.

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