the myth returns as an electric car

The mythical vehicle returns as an electric car

It will be one of the seven electric cars launched by Renault until 2025

Luca de Meo has confirmed the return of the Renault 5 during the press conference in which the future plan of the French firm was presented, baptized as Renaulution.

A few days ago there was a rumor that Renault valued recovering mythical names from its history to launch new electric cars. Well said and done. During the presentation of Renaulution, the new strategic plan of the diamond signature, we have been able to see for the first time the reincarnation of the R5, called Renault 5 Prototype.

Luca de meo has been commissioned to show the new version of a vehicle that was born in its original form in 1972. The new has not been confirmed more than it will be powered by an electric motor, in addition to showing a design that, although it adapts to the current standards, it tries in any case to remember the classic model.


The new Renault 5 It has been shown in prototype form, making it more than likely that some of its design features will vary in the future production model. The front stands out for a blind grille and for optics that, although of current design, remind in their shapes of the original ones.

Renault has chosen a two-tone livery to display the R5 prototype. The striking yellow of the body is joined by a gray roof, a color also present in the lower part of the sides and front.

At the back, the optics are linked by a led strip.




Renault confirms the return of the R5.

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