the myth is now electric and reveals its price

The new Fiat 500 2021 reinvents itself, now as an electric car, in an effort to establish itself as the benchmark in electromobility in an urban setting. The Italian myth comes with an engine of 118 horses and a maximum of 320 kilometers of autonomy, which become 450 in a driving entirely in the city. It will be available from 19,700 euros in its 185-kilometer version and from 23,200 euros in the 320-kilometer version.

FCA’s goal is to harness the charisma of its flagship to attract more drivers to the electric world. In fact, such is their effort that the model is only offered as an electric vehicle. From Turin they point out that their platform is compatible with a heat engine or hybridization options, so it would not be ruled out that they were a reality in the future.

The urban had to appear at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, but its cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic forced a change of plans. To adapt to new market trends, Fiat will facilitate access to renting and rentals, including a monthly subscription that will include cars from other group brands, from Alfa Romeo to Maserati.

Among its main rivals is the trio of Volkswagen Group formed by the Volkswagen e-Up !, the Skoda Citigoe iV and the Seat Mii Electric, or models more related to it by price such as the Honda e or the Mini Cooper SE.


The 2021 Fiat 500 measures 3.63 meters in length, 1.68 in width and 1.52 in height, with a wheelbase of 2.32 meters. The car grows on all fronts: it is 6.1 centimeters longer, 5.6 wider and 2.9 taller. The battle grows by 2.2 centimeters, a relative increase when you consider that it is where the battery is located.

The 500 2021 is available with three different bodies, although in all cases the dimensions and specifications are the same. In this way, you can choose between a traditional saloon version, a convertible convertible or a new and innovative 3 + 1, which introduces a reverse door for the rear seats without interfering with the silhouette of the model.

Perhaps the most striking aspect in the aesthetics of the new generation is a reinterpretation of its front, with a rounded headlight that is divided by the hood and more subtle fog lights. The traditional space design of the front grille also undergoes a revision with the 500 emblem flanked by two parallel silver lines. As in the predecessor thermal variant, the cooling comes from a lower intake, which is now more subtle.

On the side of the Fiat 500 2021 there are rear-view mirrors anchored in the lower front part of the windows. The load connection, meanwhile, is on the right side, just above the rear tire.

The rear demands attention with some vertical optics of considerable size and with a specific bumper. In this convertible version, the hood is made of canvas, and the word Fiat can be read on multiple occasions. The current 500 logo is reminiscent of the usual one, although it is adorned with a light blue border, with a game of design and color that transforms the last zero into a letter ‘E’.





Fiat wanted to endow the new 500 2021 of an interior that improves what is offered in the combustion versions. The control panel is digital, while the screen of the multimedia system grows considerably compared to what is known until it reaches a size of 10.25 inches. Above it is the new Uconnect 5 infotainment system.

The larger dimensions of the vehicle compared to the 500 with combustion results in a more spacious interior. There is also a steering wheel with a flattened lower part with which Fiat has wanted to give the sporty touch. It is approved to carry four passengers.

As for the trunk, Fiat announces that it remains unchanged, in such a way that it offers a capacity of 185 liters.



The Fiat 500 2021 offers Level 2 autonomous driving. For this, it presents systems such as intelligent cruise control, which brakes or accelerates paying attention to everything that happens around it, lane centering, which keeps the vehicle in the center of it when the demarcation lines are correctly identified, the intelligent assistant speed, capable of reading speed limits while recommending their application, the urban blind spot detector, which uses ultrasonic sensors to monitor blind spots and warn of any obstacle with a triangular light signal in the rear view mirror, the Attention Assist, which warns on the screen and recommends stopping and resting when you are tired, and the 360 ​​° sensors, which provide a drone view to avoid any obstacles when parking or performing complex maneuvers.

The new multimedia system UConnect 5, combined with the Telematic Box Module, provides, in addition to the mandatory automatic emergency call, another series of interesting functions:

My Assistant: is a help system that connects the car owner with an assistant to request help in case of breakdown and receive assistance to solve any problem. They will also receive a report by email in which they can check the current status of the vehicle.

My remote: through the Smartphone allows you to check the battery charge level, program the vehicle’s charge for the most convenient time slots, find the exact location of the car, lock and unlock the doors, turn the lights on and off and program the air conditioner.

My Car: this function is designed to check the condition of the car in different parameters ranging from tire pressure to maintenance schedule.

My Navigation: again through the mobile application you can send the destination to the car’s navigator, identify the route, check the traffic and weather conditions along the way, and see the location of the radars. Nearby charging points can also be viewed, graphically locating on the map the points that can be reached based on the current level of battery charge.

My wifi: it is an access point that connects up to eight electronic devices to the internet at the same time. In addition, it allows you to interact with the vehicle with Amazon Alexa voice assistant technology.

My Theft Assistance: this assistant immediately alerts the customer in the event of the vehicle theft.


The Fiat 500 2021 is powered by an electric motor that develops 87 kilowatts of power, whose thermal equivalent is 118 horsepower. Thanks to it, an acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers / hour is achieved in 9 seconds. The sprint from 0 to 50 kilometers / hour completes it in 3.1 seconds. Its maximum self-limited speed is 150 kilometers / hour.

The battery can be 23.8 or 42 kilowatt hours. The small one provides a range of 180 kilometers in the WLTP cycle –240 in urban driving–, while the largest is situated at 320 kilometers –460 urban.

Recharging time using the 7.4 kilowatt Easy Wallbox is just over six hours, while an 85 kilowatt fast charger can recover 80% of autonomy in 35 minutes. The model is also ready to use the 11-kilowatt public highway chargers.

The 2021 Fiat 500 offers three different driving modes. One is the Normal and it behaves like any automatic combustion car. The second is the one that allows driving with a single pedal thanks to the retentions that occur when the foot is lifted from the accelerator, and is called Range. The third, called Sherpa, allows to extend the life of the battery when it has a low charge. To do this, among other things, the maximum speed is limited to 80 kilometers / hour and the throttle response is modified to consume as little energy as possible.



Fiat 500 3 + 1

FIAT 500 2021: PRICE

The Fiat 500 2021 will be available from 19,700 euros in its Action variant with 185 kilometers of autonomy, from 23,200 euros in the Passion of 320 kilometers and from 24,700 euros in the Icon, which shares the 320 kilometers but boasts superior equipment and materials.



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