The arrival of mobile phones with cameras under the screen was a matter of time. The technology has been around for some years, but it had to be polished to be able to offer good image quality with the front camera. Now, ZTE wants to get ahead of everyone by launching the first mobile with a front camera under the screen.

From the Vivo Nex with a periscope front camera (in a pop-up module) and the iPhone X, the market has been moving towards the future of mobile all screen. The notch accompanied us for a year and a half, but little by little the size of the sensors and the front camera has been reduced to hide some under the panels and confine the front cameras to a hole in the screen.

Different brands such as Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi have been experimenting with this technology to abandon any hole in the screen sooner rather than later and be able to opt for all-screen devices. They are two of the brands that are betting the most on devices with screens that occupy the largest possible percentage of the front, but Oppo has been the one that has shown the most progress to date.

However, a competitor has emerged in this new technology race. ZTE, a company that has not been doing too well in recent years, especially due to the launch of futuristic devices or folding mobile phones with double screens, has revealed that they are ready to announce their first mobile with an under-screen camera.

In the GIF that we leave you just above we can see a concept of Visionox, panel developers showing they are ready to start producing screens capable of hiding a camera.

There are no more details about it and we are very interested in seeing how this technology works, if the camera can ‘see’ through the panel, if the panel will somehow become transparent around the front camera when we want to take a photo or if we really won’t see that camera.

ZTE President Ni Fei is convinced that it is time to launch a mobile with this technology, but we have neither device characteristics nor name … except a hint. And it is that, the message with which he announces his intentions was launched from a ZTE A20 5G, a mobile that does not exist yet.

As we see in GSM Arena, this mobile was recently regularized in China under the name ZTE A2121. We will see if the phone is finally close to being presented (if they are already using it it is more than possible that it is) and how about the under-screen camera technology.

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In the first Oppo tests, for example, the results were spotty due to a somewhat blurred resulting image. Will ZTE have solved that problem or is the objective to get ahead of the rest of the rivals at whatever price? It looks like we’ll see it soon.