the mysteries of the island uncovered

One show will explore the royal island of Tsushima, influenced by the popularity of the title.

Ghost of tsushima

One of the great exclusive video games PlayStation that have been released this year is, without a doubt, Ghost of Tsushima. The Adventures of Jin sakai have fallen in love with millions of players around the world (it has sold more than five million copies), partly also because of the beauty of your stage, Tsushima Island, located in Japan.

As you know, the game has been developed by Sucker Punch, a western study. The director of Yakuza even went so far as to say that it was a defeat for Japan that the game was not made there. And this comment was a compliment: the video game has been very popular in the Japanese country and such is its success that it has inspired a television program, which will make a special episode on Tsushima.

On the 21st, the Japanese television network TBS will broadcast a new episode of “Discover the World’s Mysteries” inspired directly by Ghost of Tsushima. Actress Yui Kitamura will explore the mysteries from the island and will do it with pleasure because he loved it the game. As the website collects after translating from Japanese, the actress declared that she loves playing video games and Ghost of Tsushima It surprised him, for its beauty and fidelity.

In this news you can see the short trailer announcing the program, in which developers will also come out by Sucker Punch. It would be interesting if it were translated into English or Spanish, because the images seen in the video attract attention and invite know more about Tsushima. By the way, with the release of PlayStation 5, this is a great opportunity to replay or play the title for the first time, as it will run at 60 fps.

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