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Get to know the films of the Russian Film Festival that can be seen online through the Filminlatino platform. This will be the first time that the initiative has been presented in Mexican territory, in a way that will also allow viewing of the tapes in a more accessible way.

According to IMCINE, Russian cinema has strong ties to our country. So this is a great opportunity to celebrate. On this, Javier Martínez, coordinator of the Filmin platform, comments the following:

“We want to show our great enthusiasm to collaborate with ROSKINO in a work that we share, which is to spread culture in a way that brings us closer to beyond languages.”

For her part, Evgenia Markova, CEO of ROSKINO (Russian Content Worldwide), says that, in the future, the event could become a hybrid (combining face-to-face and online functions).

Next, we will tell you which films will be available for viewing. You have until December 17 to enjoy them all! (Click on the title links to see their trailers.)

Arrhythmia | 2017 | Boris Khlebnikov | Drama, 116 min.

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Oleg is a talented doctor who works in an ambulance that goes from one patient to another. He knows that his arrival can save a life. Each of his job successes makes the world a better place, because he always does the impossible. Meanwhile, his family, his career and his life take a back seat … And what happened? While Oleg was saving others, his wife became desperate and decided to ask for a divorce. A new boss also appeared at the hospital, who only cares about statistics and rules. But Oleg does not give up, from patient to patient, running through the streets to help… And no one knows which task is more difficult: saving others or saving himself…

The heart of the world | 2018 | Natalia Meshchaninova | Drama, 124 min.

films festival russian cinema

Egor works as a vet at a hunting dog training station in an intricate location. Foxes, deer, badgers and dogs are his life. He lives in a shack next to the owner’s house. Cure the animals, clean the cages, watch over the workers, and welcome customers and their dogs. You feel better with animals than with people. He does any job, just to be okay with the station owner, Nikolai Ivanovich, and his relatives. Egor wants something almost impossible, to become part of that family.

films festival russian cinema

Egor is a brave forest guard from the Siberian taiga. An excellent family man, highly respected by his fellow citizens. But Egor, he learns on one occasion that he suffers from a fatal disease and neither traditional medicine nor the magic of sorcerers can save him. Egor makes the decision to fight the evil that threatens him, with an unorthodox method, he tries, literally speaking, to cheat death, to become another person. Now his family and neighbors must accept him with his new identity, a woman.

Text | 2019 | Klim Shipenko | Thriller, 132 min.

films festival russian cinema

Another of the films of the Russian Film Festival. Ilya Goriunov, 27, during the entire time he was in prison could not wait to come face to face with the person who had sent him behind bars: the young officer Pyotr Jazin. Upon leaving prison, Iliá hoped that his mother, his girlfriend and his best friend would be waiting for him, however, it turned out that the previous life no longer existed, and it was impossible to recover it. Upon meeting Piotr, Iliá commits a reckless act and gains access to his enemy’s cell phone, and indeed, to his life: to his photos and videos, to messages with his parents and his girlfriend, Nina, and even strangers negotiations, full of threats. For a time, Iliá becomes Piotr for everyone, through the text on the phone screen.

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The gynecology doctor, Masha, is abandoned by her husband. However, strong women tend to fight for their happiness. Masha begins a desperate fight for her unfaithful husband, Misha. She doesn’t want to easily give it up to the gym coach, Oxana. The fight, of course, is uneven. Masha is past thirty, while Oxana is much younger. But on the other hand, Masha has a rich life experience and two young children. In that situation she is willing to use her entire arsenal in the fight, including even the forces from beyond.

Bolshoi | 2016 | Valery Todorovsky | Drama, 132 min.

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Young and exceptionally talented Yulia Olshanskaya, originally from a small mining town, “wins the lottery”; She is discovered by the former dancer Pototskiy, who promises her the future of a great dancer, worthy of the most important stage in the country. However, to become a jewel, even the most extraordinary diamond needs to be cut; and Yulia’s path to the stages of the Bolshoi theater begins within the walls of the ballet school, where the rebellious girl’s tutoring is assumed by a no less obstinate teacher. Becoming a cousin will require an extraordinary self-denial, and Yulia, from her own experience, will have to convince herself that ballet is not only the whiteness of the tights, the golden beds and the slipping of the ribbons. But no obstacle can stop the one who pursues a great dream.

The French | 2019 | Andrei Smirnov | Drama, 128 min.

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In 1957, the French student Pierre Duran traveled to Moscow to study a postgraduate degree at the Moscow State University. There he meets the dancer Kira Galkina and the photographer Valeri Uspenskii. Thanks to these friendships, Pierre has the opportunity to immerse himself in Moscow’s cultural life, both the official and the underground. During a year in Moscow Pierre lives a whole life, completely different from what he knew. But the postgraduate degree and the knowledge of the different facets of the life of the Soviet people are not the only objective of Pierre. He is looking for his father, the Tsarist officer Tatishev, who was arrested in the 1930s.

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Another of the films of the Russian Film Festival. After heroically defeating both the Snow Queen and the Snow King, Gerda and her friends set out on a long journey to find their parents, long ago carried away by the North Wind. During the journey, they will find an ancient magical artifact, the Stone of Fire and Ice, and from that moment on things will not go according to the initial plan.

By clicking on this link, you can directly access the festival’s Filminlatino channel. Just register, and voila!

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