The most viral conversation between a tenant and his landlady with Ronaldo Nazario as the protagonist

Twitter has done its magic again. Originality and a sense of humor invade this social network, and all this has been put together in a fun tweet that almost reaches the 10,000 RTs. The user, @DavidZatu, He decided to make public the surreal conversation he had with what could be his future landlady, because he was looking for a house to rent and live, and what happened has gone super viral in the last hours.

David was interested in a property and wanted to go see it, that’s why he wrote to the woman on WhatsApp to show it to him. In that talk, they asked for some information and the visit was closed, but what David surely did not expect is because of the directions that the surreal conversation with the landlady would end up going … a question from Marisa It changed everything completely and it is really why message crossing has become so viral.

The owner of the apartment, seeing that two people appeared in David’s profile image, asked without cutting herself: “Which of the two are you in the photo?” The woman did not realize that one of those two in the photo was Ronaldo Nazario, the legend of world football and former Real Madrid or Barcelona.

Obviously, David did not give credit and explained it this way: “Conversation with what can be my future landlady. Epic. EPIC”. The user attached the image he had of his WhatsApp profile so that everyone on Twitter could see it and the screenshot in which the conversation he had with the landlady can be seen. A tweet that 48 hours after the young man published it takes almost 10,000 RTs and almost 100,000 ‘likes’!