The most surreal Toyota Hilux ad ever created

Toyota is one of the brands with the most global projection on the planet. It is possibly the brand that is sold in the most markets. In the strangest, smallest and most isolated country, you will surely find its cars and pick-ups. This is the case of Fiji, a small country made up of 333 islands located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, an archipelago only accessible after hours and hours of flying over the sea. It is from Fiji where we rescued, thanks to YouTube, the most surreal and inexplicable ad ever created for the fireproof Toyota Hilux.

The premise of the ad is pretty straightforward. A package needs to be delivered on time, and from top management to the delivery man, everyone rises to the job. In the end, as usually happens, it is the “currante” who has to remove the chestnuts from the fire. He drives off in his Toyota Hilux and finds himself on a closed road. Neither short nor lazy, activate the gearbox and the car begins to climb a 45 degree incline slope … created by camera pan. Then the path ends at the top of a mountain. What can you do?

The wading scene, wetting local villagers included, is Oscar-worthy.

Engage the high gears, accelerate … and the pick-up starts to fly Between the clouds. He suddenly lands in the middle of a field, where a kind of waiter takes out of the box, just in time, an elaborate cake. Yes, a wedding cake, as it was imperative that she be on time for the wedding. A truly bizarre plot, with hilarious execution, proof of the ad’s extremely low budget. The creator of the ad even went so far as to say that there were problems with Toyota, as they showed things that the car was really incapable of doing.

How to fly. In any case, it is worth seeing. The final point, that the dealership that advertised the Hilux was called “Asco Motors” already borders on surrealism.

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