The most surreal moments of the Spanish preselections for Eurovision

There are only a few months left for Blas Cantó to represent us at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. The Murcian was chosen to represent us internally in 2020 and, after the cancellation of the festival due to the coronavirus pandemic, the artist was re-elected to represent us in 2021. Much of the audience celebrated the decision to have a consecrated singer like Cantó to represent us. Another, however, he regretted not living one of the favorite events of many Spanish Eurofans: the pre-selection galas.

Some of the most surprising moments of the Eurovision presets

Rarely have pre-selection galas to choose our representative developed free from controversy. When it hasn’t been for a « trolling » organized by Internet groups or even other television networks, has been by failures in the logistics of the set, controversial decisions of the public or jury or exorbitant reactions of the candidates to act in the well-known contest.

The Spanish preselections have raised quite regularly criticism from the eurofan public. Of course: for whatever reasons, a large number of moments happened in these traditional galas have been etched in our minds, be it for a better or worse reason. On the occasion of facing the Eurovision period of this 2021 with a little more humor, we have compiled some of the geek and surreal moments of the Spanish preselections for Eurovision.

1 The falls of the set of ‘Eurovision 2009: The return’

Soraya in ‘Eurovision 2009: The Return’

The selection process to find a representative for Eurovision 2009 would consist of four televised galas in which the singers and groups most supported in an online vote would duel. Although the vast majority of Eurofans already suspected that the final duel would be between Soraya Arnelas and Melody, the finery gave the odd one surprise. One of them was the failure of logistics regarding the construction of the set. The stage and the catwalk were surrounded by a moat where, after a separation, the audience would be. Nevertheless, the line that separated the catwalk and stage (black) from the pit was diffuse, so the program experienced more than one spectacular fall.

The first was Pedro, aspiring to become the « fifth element » of the jury, who when he was going to appear, fell from the catwalk to the surprise of the presenter, Alaska, who was quick to say: « Let’s see, we have an accident. While Pedro recovers, which has been nothing, let’s see … », going on to present the next applicant while Pedro got up alone. Moments later one of the members of the Atalis group, candidates to represent us at the festival, would also fall from the stage in full performance, fracturing his arm and wrist.

two La Pajarraca and Raffaella Carrà

La Pajarraca makes an appearance in ‘Save Eurovision’

The 2008 preselection, which would culminate in a gala called ‘Save Eurovision’, would become one of the most controversial in our history due to the victory of Rodolfo Chikilicuatre, the character played by actor David Fernández. It was not the only surreal moment of the night, and it is that the gala received, in the middle of its journey, a most peculiar visit: that of La Pajarraca, a character half human half bird that was born as part of the image of the Sónar festival.

La Pajarraca had been submitted to the selection process (which would begin with a vote among hundreds of candidates on MySpace), failing to achieve the pass to the televised gala. Despite this, the histrionic character with the head of a person and the body of a bird appeared in the middle of the gala, getting to hold a curious conversation with Raffaella Carrà. The Italian would star in some funny moments when, occasionally, scream in horror at the strange image that was presented before her.

3 The failures of the playback in ‘Mission Eurovision 2007’

‘Eurovision Mission 2007’

In 2007 we would experience one of the longest (and most curious) Eurovision song and representative selection processes in our country: ‘Eurovision Mission 2007’. During the six televised galas, the public and the jury had to vote and decide the artist who would represent us and the song separately, so the contestants did not know with which song they would end up opting to attend the festival.

The galas presented by Paula Vázquez had more than one moment that made us wonder at home if what we were seeing was real (like Massiel’s return to the stage to perform the candidate song « I’m looking for a man », but one of the most outstanding I arrive with a playback failure that left several of the candidate artists, such as Mirela Cabero, bewildered on stage without understanding what was happening.

4 Gisela sings duet with The Little Mermaid of Copenhagen

Gisela and the Little Mermaid from Copenhagen

2014 was the year in which Spain debated between Ruth Lorenzo and Brequette as the main options for representatives for the contest. The special program ‘Look who goes to Eurovision’, presented by Anne Igartiburu, will be remembered by many for scenes such as the one starring Monica Naranjo crying when listening to Brequette’s song or Ruth Lorenzo yelling: « Is it me? Is the representative me? » upon being chosen the winner.

However, if there was a moment that was difficult to understand during the course of the gala, it was the one that occurred during the special performance of Gisela as guest. The one who was the representative of Andorra in 2008 interpreted a medley of several Eurovision songs, suddenly interrupted by an actress characterized as the sculpture of The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen (where the contest would be held that year), who would sign up to sing a duet with her, yes, in strict playback.

5 The anger of Alazán and « the bull, olé, the paella »

Sorrel in ‘Destination Eurovision 2011’

‘Destino Eurovisión 2011’ consisted of four galas in which the public and the jury would choose the Spanish representative and the song they would perform, once again, separately. During the process, various familiar faces (such as those of the Auryn group) they would follow each other, first performing songs by other artists and later trying their luck with some of the candidate songs.

One of the most surreal moments of ‘Destino Eurovisión 2011’ would come with the elimination of the Alazán duo, direct relatives of Los Chunguitos and Azúcar Moreno. Boris Izaguirre, as spokesman for the jury, would give them the bad news: « Having the Azúcar Moreno as our predecessors, we have to do without Alazán. » The comment would not sit well with the Madrilenians, who would react by communicating on camera that the comment « could have been saved » to later say that they were « delighted to sing ‘Bandido’ because that was Spain, the bull, olé and the paella « .

6 Loreen, jury of ‘Objective Eurovision 2016’

Loreen in ‘Goal Eurovision 2016’

Six candidates to represent Spain at the 2016 festival they dueled in a single gala, called ‘Goal Eurovision 2016’. In it, both the public and the jury had to choose their favorite. What many of the Eurofans did not expect is that Among the jury was Loreen, winner of the 2012 festival with his famous « Euphoria ».

The singer would star in some of the most curious moments for the public, such as his performance with an exaggerated echo effect, her constant attempts to speak while being interrupted by the rhythm of the gala or her shouts of « Xuso, Xuso, Xuso! » towards Xuso Jones, whom he tried to offer his assessment while the audience shouted « Long live Murcia! ».

7 The « Goodbye, Mari Cármenes » by Natalia Lacunza

Miki Núñez and Natalia Lacunza, candidates for Eurovision 2018 with « No one is saved »

With the return of ‘Operación Triunfo’ to TVE, the popular format once again became (not without controversy) in the Spanish preselection for Eurovision. After a notable lack of illusion by most of the contestants of ‘OT2017’ for representing our country at the festival, the 2018 edition followed the same trail again.

The tension experienced between Miki Núñez, Natalia Lacunza and María Escarmiento, finalists to win the special selection gala, was evident (especially between the latter two). This would lead to, upon receiving the news that his duet with Miki was in third position and would not go to the festival, Lacunza breathed relieved and made the He threatened to leave, uttering a loud: « See you later, Mari Cármenes ».

8 John Cobra the bundle in ‘Eurovision 2010: Destination Oslo’

John Cobra in ‘Eurovision 2010: Destination Oslo’

Perhaps the most surreal and most famous moment of a Spanish preselection for Eurovision is this. In 2010, the character known as John Cobra enjoyed the support of a massive campaign of votes coming from Internet portals that had as intention « trolling » the process. Counting on enough votes, Cobra arrived at the selection gala.

During the gala, one of the most memorable incidents of one of these galas would take place. After his performance with the curious theme « Carol », John Cobra he was booed by the public, so this would begin to insult those present on set with phrases like: « You eat my cock. » All before a misplaced Anne Igartiburu that, after the event, he had to apologize to the audience.

9 Simply, the Supremas de Móstoles

The Supremas of Móstoles

After a lifetime dedicating themselves to music, Vicky, Luisi and Susi came to our homes through the small screen thanks to their participation in « Eurovision 2005: Choose our song ». The Madrid trio surprised Spain by presenting their proposal: « You’re sick », a song that narrated the story of a woman whose husband developed an addiction to cybersex.

The irreverent proposal conquered the country and launched the song to the top of the sales charts. The presentation videos of the Supremas, in which we could see them cleaning the bathroom or introducing us to their husbands, they were not far behind either. Despite everything, those of Móstoles would not achieve their objective and they would be defeated by the group Son de sol by only 1.2% of the votes difference.