The most supportive Georgina Rodríguez

Georgina Rodríguez continues with her schedule of public events. In addition to his time on the television program ‘Mask Singer’, where he dazzled everyone with his impeccable performance, I have also had time to remember the little ones now that we are approaching the beloved Christmas dates.

Page of the Magi

Georgina Rodríguez has decided to lend her image to support the NGO ‘Nuevo Futuro’, an association that manages homes in Spain so that unprotected children and young people without a family environment receive education and can live together in a stable way.

Dressed in the appropriate mask, hair tied in a bun, gray long-sleeved sweater, blue pants, white sandals, and matching shoulder bag, Gio was seen in Madrid, acting as a true queen magician and distributing toys and illusion for the most people in need.

The WAG left very happy with the delivery of the gifts, confessing that “I always feel very happy with children, they are loving” and that in Spain it feels “very good”.

As the pandemic has prevented opening the pre-Christmas rake that takes place every year, the model has wanted to help in all ways, that is why she has traveled to Madrid to meet the little ones.

The model also announced that she will participate in the famous Rastrillo, organized this year by Simoneta Gómez Acebo, who has taken the baton from her mother, the Infanta Pilar.

Supporting the fight against COVID

East It has not been the only gesture of solidarity of the model during the pandemic, who was clear that “now we are going through a horrible time, in which hospitals, nurses, doctors, all health personnel and those who are sick with coronavirus need our help.” That is why, as we could already see on her Instagram account, the young woman put a Juventus shirt signed by CR7 on sale through a second-hand clothing app.

In the shower auction they also found a ‘Balenciaga’ shirt or the blue ‘Balmain’ dress with which the young woman attended the MTV awards.

The Hispanic-Argentine had already had another gesture of solidarity a few days ago, when she partnered with ‘Bella Canvas’, a company that is dedicated to the manufacture of masks, to donate 20,000 of them to the’ Nuevo Futuro ‘and’ Esfera Fundación foundations ‘.

Example for yours

Georgina wants to show that she is not only a ‘pretty face’ and much less the ‘woman of’. That is why she strives to build her modeling career. All this without leaving aside her facet as a mother, something that she is passionate about, as well as everything related to art, music and dance.

Not only that but also try to instill that same attitude in your children: “We have taught them not to take anything for granted, they must be humble and not lose touch with reality,” he explained in the Italian magazine ‘Grazia’.

For this reason, the model wanted to share on Instagram the solidarity gesture of the four children of the couple, Cristiano Jr, Alana Martina, Eva and Mateo: donate their toys to children with fewer possibilities than them.

“My babies donating their toys,” Georgina wrote, in a video in which the little ones could be seen filling the boxes themselves.

Although the couple’s life is surrounded by luxuries, they both put a lot of focus on ensuring that their little ones do not forget certain values.