The most searched on Google in 2021 … for now (in Spain)

It is tradition that at the end of each year, Google collects the most popular searches of the same and shares them with the whole world to record which were the topics that generated the most interest, whose direct translation is that of searches, with the Internet giant as the undisputed leader of the show.

This is what Google Spain has done, without giving time for the usual cycle to be completed: «(Medium) 2021 in searches. Are we getting back to normal?«, The company asks … and if we have to judge it by the most popular searches that we have been in this year, that could well be the case, and it is that having left 2020 behind, but still suffering from the pandemic in 2021, it is clear that the bug goes long and people are very tired of the monothem.

“Given that the last few months have been so atypical, this year we wanted to look at what we Spaniards have been looking for in the middle of the year, and not just in December. And it gives us the feeling that, at least, if we look at these data from the Google search, the waters are returning to their course “, they explain in the official blog for Spain. “At the end of last year, many of the topics that had grown the most during the previous twelve months were directly or indirectly related to COVID-19; now, we only see two terms: “what vaccine do I have” and, somehow, related to this: “why it is convenient to breathe through the nose and not through the mouth”

What interests Spanish Internet users at this point in 2021, then? As sad as it may seem, “the dominant theme is football: Eurocopa, a Spanish League SO different from previous seasons …”. Beyond the opium of the people of these days, other concerns with more substance that Google collects in 2021 include the march of the stock market, issues related to the language and various curiosities; and even such unflattering questions for those who ask them such as “what day is today” or “when is Mother’s Day”.

To complete this exercise in mid-2021, Google has also shared lists of the most popular questions that begin with “how … what … why … when …”. They are as follows:

Top searches How…? of the
last 6 months in Spain

How is Real Madrid doing How is IBEX doing 35 How is Barcelona doing How Atlético de Madrid is doing How Betis is doing How Sevilla is doing What is the name of the tallest tree
of the world How are the actions of the
Santander How to get to Seville How to make torrijas

Top searches Why…? of the
last 6 months in Spain

Why or why Why do cats purr Why do I cry about everything Why do dogs howl Why do my legs hurt
inside Why the sky is blue Why do the ears ring Why do zebras not have
ulcer Why hiccups occur Why it is convenient to breathe
through the nose and not through the mouth

Top searches What…? of the last
6 months in Spain

What day is it today What time is it What is happening in Colombia What is on TV today What time is it in
Colombia / Mexico / Argentina What dinosaur has 500
teeth At what time does nightfall How holy is today What time does Nadal play What vaccine is my turn

Top searches When…? of the
last 6 months in Spain

When does Real Madrid play When does Barcelona play When does Atlético de
Madrid When does Spain play When is Mother’s Day When is Easter When Sevilla plays When Betis plays When Nadal plays When the time is changed

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