the most popular events during this week

Today there are various elements that help us understand the value of communication with the consumer.

This consumer has become a benchmark of great pattern in the market, where the context is key to defining a good strategy.

Today there are elements of great value in the market and these are the ones that warn us of how important it is to understand the consumer again.

This week a series of facts were established that reveal to us how decisive consumption has become in the market and what aspects determine the ability to communicate, when the environment around you is understood.

Within these guidelines, an element that we cannot lose sight of is how important it is for brands to perform successfully, since the best work pattern with the consumer depends on it.

Faced with these elements, an aspect that we cannot lose sight of is the one that warns us of a very important point and it is the one that reveals how necessary it becomes for the consumer to understand the market.

The 5 most popular notes of this week

This week we have noticed a series of guidelines that remind us of the value in the market, when value strategies are carried out before the consumer.

CDMX reopened gyms, but some suffered

The CDMX finally authorized the reopening of gyms, only that many of these closed and became an important rethinking of the business focused on leisure.

For some Smart Fit branches, this reactivation process appears to have come late.

And it is that the renowned firm now seems to be at risk of having to close several of its establishments.

At least they have indicated so since Milenio, a medium that, quoting the director of Smart Fit Mexico, Oriol Cortés, stressed that the brand is considering closing some of its branches.

“Last year luckily Smart fit did not close any Gym, but if it does not open in February we will begin to have to close gyms in Mexico City. We already have two or three gyms reviewed and if they cannot open they will have to close and they will be the first gyms that Smart Fit begins to close after a year trying to hold our gyms as long as possible “, he highlighted for the aforementioned media. Cuts.

Coca-Cola and its carton

The first image of this new bottle comes within the framework of Coca-Cola’s global strategy “Un Mundo sin Residuos” (“World Without Waste”), where the advances of this paper bottle have been presented that, without the characteristic signature colors, features a closure and a thin 100 percent recyclable plastic liner.

“Our vision is to create a paper bottle that can be recycled like any other type of paper, and this prototype represents the first step on the road to achieving this. This bottle prototype opens up a new world of packaging possibilities and we are convinced that paper packaging will have a prominent place in the future.“Said Stijn Franssen, Coca-Cola’s EMEA R&D Packaging Innovation Manager, while stating“ our vision is to create an all-paper bottle that can be recycled alongside any other paper. The next step on our way is to find a way to create a bottle without the thin plastic coating. “

Tiktoker teaches Spotify how to make its content viral

The tiktoker Paco de Miguel He is popularly known for making various videos in which he is seen recalling anecdotes that happened to many of us at times like high school or at work.

He recently viralized a video of what the experiences in Kidzania were like, which at the time was called La Ciudad de los Niños, making a trend for the brand that is going through one of the most drastic moments of the company, due to the contingency that exists in the actuality.

Now, this same tiktoker revealed that to make a playlist go viral, you only need to make a nostalgic video on TikTok and the followers take care of the rest.

The video shows how the famous discos were celebrated at school parties, where for a fee you entered a dark room where pop music played, inviting you to dance.

The event has become the best promotion of the playlist “Colonial Night”, which the tiktoker has launched on Spotify, thereby demonstrating how important interaction is in networks, to achieve virality of certain streaming proposals and most importantly, reveal the audacity of many influencers on this platform.

Disney Plus has a new product

Disney Plus will launch Star, sacrifices its innocence and Netflix runs out of kryptonite to finish it
And let’s be honest, the current Disney Plus catalog makes any movie without fairy dust or a baby Yoda look like triple X movie and before you think about p0rn0graphic movies, let’s go to the origin of that category.

Let us remember that the X classification (which later became NC-17) began to be used in 1970, to refer to tapes not suitable for children under 17 years of age and since then it has become a unique reference in the market, to talk about films without known production companies and with content not suitable for minors.

Disney Plus apparently seeks to end this reputation for content for minors and has just made a move that Netflix did not see coming and that is to create an experience divided between content for minors and content for adults, from the first time it enters the platform.

In order to access Star, a series of configurations are established to the profiles by age and in this new service, the rigor requires not only a user password, it even gives you the opportunity to add a PIN, to further restrict the reproduction of content in she.

Among the exclusively adult content that Disney will be presenting are:

New series of American Horror Stories: After the success of “American Horror Story”, Ryan Murphy’s new proposal has not yet defined the content project that he will be developing.

Kendall Jenner’s tequila

818 is the name of the tequila that Kendall Jenner has launched on the market and his proposal seems to be another of the great disappointments that has led to the consumer, in this case the Mexican.

One of his first failures in consumer taste occurred when he starred in a campaign for Pepsi where he managed to control police brutality against a protest by delivering a brand soda to one of the members of the police force.

On that occasion, Jenner was the subject of all kinds of criticism and consumer taste was disappointed by his message, especially because situations of very serious social protest were being experienced, denouncing police brutality against the African-American community.

Now it has been a tequila that has gotten the businesswoman into trouble, since she uncovered that she was behind the popular beverage brand, when it won an award for being the best distillate.

After confirming that she was the businesswoman behind 818, the criticisms of Mexican consumers did not wait in social networks, where the accusations against the model have been severe.

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