The most outlandish theories about the Disney + series

Loki has turned out to be as tricky a show as the god of lies himself. So much as to confuse a good part of the audience. From the existentialist revelations of Mobius (Owen Wilson) about time and its laws, to the consciousness of time as power. Nothing has been left out of this accelerated journey by the rules of the Marvel Universe.

And as usual, the fans have dedicated themselves to delving into all kinds of theories. Whether it is about what happens in the show, the character and even its variants, there is something for everyone. In Loki there is not only speculation, but also all kinds of reflections on the dynamics of time itself in the Disney Plus series and upcoming installments.

What happens to the time in Loki? In what chronological point are they? What is the reason for the otherworldly Mobius patience? We have you some of the most extravagant theories, and others with much more sense, that the program has generated.

Everything is an infinite loop whose center is the character of Mobius

“Time passes differently on TVA,” Agent Mobius commented on the first episode of Loki. That’s after making a deployment of several of the tools that allow you to destroy, reboot, and manipulate time.

As if that weren’t enough, she has a special interest in Loki, so much so that she has a dedicated recording of his life. A file among trillions of millions that he already had organized for a conversation that ended up shaking Loki and allowing him to agree to work with the TVA.

Even more unique. Mobius doesn’t seem surprised, concerned, or uneasy about Loki’s behavior. He has an answer to every question and seemingly infinite patience to his ability to be subversive. Have you studied him to see his every reaction, or is it something more sinister?

In Marvel Studios’ Loki, the fickle villain Loki (Tom Hiddleston) reprises his role as the God of Deception in a new series that takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Kate Herron is directing it and Michael Waldron is the main screenwriter.

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According to some Reddit threads, the answer could be more complicated. According to this theory, Loki is trapped in an infinite loop until his behavior satisfies the TVA. For now, Mobius does nothing but wait for the breaking point or the inevitable betrayal. When it happens, it resets the timeline to the point where it is caught.

Could that explain why Loki’s file was so conveniently accessible to the character? nobody seems surprised for his comings and goings at the TVA offices?

Time keepers don’t exist

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As time passes differently on TVA, there are times for long conversations of philosophy and beliefs. In the second chapter, Mobius and Loki discuss the possibility of good and their respective beliefs. And oddly enough, the practical bureaucrat Mobius firmly believes that three entities control the central line of time. However, when telling Loki their beliefs, the story of three powerful benefactors who watch over time from a certain underground is simple. More than simple, suspiciously false.

There is a theory that suggests that the TVA is deceiving its hardworking workers and maintains the belief in the existence of divine creatures as a form of manipulation. Beyond that, the entire structure on which the agency stands could be a well-constructed lie to justify the indiscriminate use of its resources. Could the power of the dangerous variant of Loki be the fact that he discovered that the TVA is actually a front for something else?

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After all, the TVA contradicts itself quite often. And it does so from the point of view of religions. There is talk of “a sacred timeline” but it is not explained under what criteria some time travelers are more dangerous than others. In the first episode, Mobius was quick to make it clear that Avengers time travel had been allowed. By whom? Why? Are the Guardians aware of the various ruptures?

The various variants of Loki are all attempts by the TVA to capture the character.


In the second chapter of the series, it was shown that there are at least 5 variants of Loki taking time jumps. Also that the most dangerous variant plan ended up opening a considerable number of Nexus and timelines. Now, the big question is why all this is kept on file at TVA? Has it already happened?

What we know, according to Mobius, is that the agency knows the past and the future. Which means that they are most likely using their vast amount of resources to hunt down the problematic variant.

But that does not explain that each of the variants that was shown on Loki is one that, in addition, belongs to a different universe.

The strangest thing about all this is that Loki himself does not seem to be completely surprised that his multiple variants are the object of danger. ¿What happens at TVA how to keep the logical questions of the god of lies on a short leash?

The timelines were broken before Loki was caught

This theory is especially strange. Enough to make it worth a little thought. Loki is caught and taken to TVA where he becomes Mobius’s protégé. Now, unlike the infinite loop theory, this is more complex. The most dangerous variant of Loki made it clear “that nothing that happens has to do with him.” So the big question is, is Loki really the problem? Rather, it serves as a bait or lure for its most lethal version.

Is the series happening in a larger loop? Did Mobius simply travel to the recent past to capture a Loki who still does not know the temporary breaks? If everything is just as Mobius insists and there are dozens of versions of Loki, the question is obvious. Is it likely that the breakup has already occurred by the start of the show?

And speaking specifically of the TVA, how do we know that it really is what it claims to be? Not surprisingly, her most notorious authority figure is Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), eventual love interest of Kang the Conqueror.

Does the name sound like nothing to you? It shouldn’t. The one who appears to be the great villain of Marvel’s Phase 4 has not yet shown his face. Now it does not seem to be a coincidence that a character as closely linked to his history as Ravonna is the visible head of TVA.

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Loki has lied all along

Well, we already know that the god of lies always lies. But this time, and especially during the first chapter of the series, an accelerated redemption arc seemed to pass. Or not? Is this a way to buy time to take power in TVA?

Loki has just discovered several truths that may be the reason for his many variations and how easy it is for him to escape. A: the Infinity Stones they don’t work on TVA, but they do work on your timeline. Two: that the agency has all the resources to control time. Three: that you can earn the trust of one of your leaders and move on. Is it what happened in the second chapter?

Lady Loki is a fusion of timelines

Yes, we already know: the controversy around who is the most dangerous variant is served. Is this Sylvie Lushton (Enchantress), one of the many antics of the god of lies? Or Lady Loki, his incarnation in the midst of several of his many deaths?

Things are apparently more complicated and that could suggest that the series is about to create a third character. If you notice, in the 18th minute of the second episode, Loki goes through TVA files and finds one in which there is a particular variant. Your name? Sylvie Laufeydottir. You got it right: it is the last name that Loki has used so far in the series.

Does that mean that the character is a combination of both stories? If so, this gets really interesting. Loki will not only have to face himself, but Sylvie, one of his most notorious mistakes in the comic. The reason? Sylvie was a normal human being until Loki gave her powers in a kind of delusional “test”.

Could Sylvie be the temporary consequence of a jump from another of the variants?

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