the most important news to come soon

Although a good number of functionalities have been released recently, but there are still many options that, although we have seen them in the beta, are not available. That is why here are compiled the largest WhatsApp news that will come to your chats soon.

Some, in fact, have been available for a long time in other apps such as Telegram. Others are the company’s own ideas that will make your conversations better and above all, more comfortable.

As is usually the case with the courier service, new options tend to keep you waiting. And its implementation, once they appear in the betas, are made to be expected.

However, the WhatsApp news that is to come is not only important, it is also very useful for all users. From new security and privacy options, to improvements in the filing system and silence of chats, the list includes all kinds of long-awaited functionalities that will soon arrive on iOS, Android and WhatsApp Web.

Multi-device support and WhatsApp version for iPad

The lack of multi-device support and synchronization in the cloud is one of the biggest shortcomings that WhatsApp has. Any of the competing applications of the Facebook service already has it integrated, including Messenger or Instagram, also owned by the social network.

Although this functionality has been leaked numerous times, the truth is that it has not finished arriving yet. In fact, I would do it alongside a special version of WhatsApp for iPad, which was already leaked last year and from which we have not heard from again.

WhatsApp’s multi-device support was timidly available in the Android beta, but it wasn’t even functional nor is it still present in the latest builds. Of course, everything seems to indicate that the company is already testing and its launch is imminent.

Most interesting of all, according to Wabetainfo, most of the options of the WhatsApp multi-device functionality are already implemented. In other words, the company would already have all the infrastructure ready to launch it. Although, as we say, the full functionality is not available.

And we wouldn’t just be talking about logging into multiple devices at the same time, too many more options would be synced. Thanks to previous tests, we know that multi-device support would include the synchronization of chats, the options to mute groups, or the possibility of marking some messages as favorites, which would be available in all apps at the same time. Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated WhatsApp news.

Photos that erase themselves

The messaging service recently launched the possibility of activating temporary messages in chats. Basically, everything that is spoken in a chat with activated temporary messages disappears after 7 days. In short, they erase themselves.

Now and according to the latest betas, one of the novelties of WhatsApp that would also reach the chats are the photos that are deleted by themselves and that can only be seen once. A functionality similar to that of Snapchat or Instagram: the possibility of sending a photo and that, once opened, it is automatically deleted.


This novelty of WhatsApp would be something particular, since it would include special functions that go beyond that the photos simply delete themselves. First of all, judging by the filtered images of such functionality, users will be able to activate the single view. If this option is selected, once the photo is received and viewed, it is no longer available. What’s more, they would not be saved automatically in any case, and they would not download on their own even if WhatsApp downloads the multimedia content automatically in the app preferences.

There are some doubts about how it will work: Can captures be made or will the application warn? Will it work in groups? At the moment we know that it has been tested in the beta in a very discreet way and that we still do not have a date.

Encryption for cloud backups


This is one of the biggest WhatsApp security problems. And is that the backup copies of the chats, once they are uploaded to the cloud, are no longer encrypted. At that time, their security falls on Apple’s iCloud or Google’s Drive.

Thus, WhatsApp will integrate its own encryption of backups using a password so that, even if they are uploaded to the cloud, no one can see its content without knowing the password. And how it works? Very easy. Once this functionality finally arrives, the app will ask us to create a password for the backup copies.

Once the password is chosen, the backup copies will be encrypted using that private key to be encrypted. Neither WhatsApp, and no one will be able to access the content of the chats without knowing the password.

And even if someone accesses our iCloud or Google Drive backup with or without our express authorization, a password will always be asked to be able to access the content of the chats, photos and video.

In addition, as an additional step to be able to encrypt the backups in the WhatsApp cloud, we will have to re-verify the phone number associated with the account. This will make the copies be unique so what, for to be able to load them again, a kind of double verification is done.

On the one hand, that the user guarantees that the copies of the chats correspond to the phone number of the account, and on the other, that only the user who knows the password can access them.

The most interesting and important thing is that the password is private and is not sent to the WhatsApp servers. This means that if the user forgets about it, the copy will be unusable and cannot be restored. Neither can the company that will not know the content of the chats or the key to access them at any time.

Transfer chats from Android to iPhone and vice versa, one of the WhatsApp news that we need the most

Pegasus - WhatsApp - iPhone - NSO - Roger Torrent

To this day, if you want to go over iPhone to Android or vice versa, and keep your WhatsApp chats, there is no easy way to do it. To be able to transfer your WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS you have to resort to external tools such as those offered by iMyFone iTransor.

transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to AndroidSource: WABetaInfo.

However, the company already has a tool ready to simplify the system. And perhaps it has a lot to do with the expected synchronization in the cloud for multi-device support, which is another of the most anticipated WhatsApp news.

The implementation of this function is not an easy task, so we do not know if it will be a previous step to multi-device support or if it will be included with it.

The main problem is that it requires a fundamental change in the way each operating system processes and stores chats. Android and iOS treat both backup copies and the management of multimedia files very differently, so the change in infrastructure can be the biggest headache for WhatsApp.

As seen in the single leaked image of this functionality, it requires both apps to be up-to-date, which could mean that WhatsApp is going to standardize the internal systems of its applications to adapt them in a similar way to each operating system.

This aspect is fundamental since we are talking about the integrity of the chats and the content of the users, something in which WhatsApp you can’t afford a glitch that causes users to lose some of the content.

‘Fast’ mode for WhatsApp voice messages


Another of the great novelties of WhatsApp will be the possibility of adjusting the speed of voice messages to hear them faster. We know the company is already testing it, but not when it will be available.

This is one of the functionalities of which we know less details. Images of the interface that includes it have not yet been filtered, and we do not know to what extent we can speed up voice messages.

However, everything seems to indicate that it is designed for, as in the case of podcasts, speed up audio speed to a point where it is still comfortable and audible, but is faster than the original speed. For instance, listen to an audio two minutes in just one minute at 2X speed. Or on the contrary, having the possibility of slowing down in those cases that we have problems hearing it.

Another question is whether it will affect the audio distortion or if WhatsApp will include tools so that this does not happen. The truth is that both on sites like YouTube and in podcast apps this works quite well, so you will always be welcome to have more options for audios. What’s more Telegram has had this option for a long time and it works quite well, so it is another of those inspirations that would come from one courier service to another.

Be like this, this is one of those little functions long-awaited by those who receive many (and long) voice messages in WhatsApp And, if all goes well, it will be available on both iOS and Android.

Archived chats that don’t bother

WhatsAppChristian Wiediger / Unsplash

Among the novelties of WhatsApp there is also the so-called vacation mode. Currently archived chats when they receive a message are unarchived and show a notification.

Image: wabetainfo

This system would allow to mute and archive chats for a time or forever and that they do not show any notification balloons, nor that they return to the chat list.

Keep in mind that as this feature is planned, if we mute and archive a chat we will never see it in our list of active chats again. We will have to return to it reliably in the archived list.

In addition, it is one of the longest-lived WhatsApp filtered and tested functions that are remembered. The first leak dates from 2018 and since then it has changed several times throughout the different betas, both on Android and iOS. In fact, there were rumors that it was canceled, but it appeared again last year in one of the builds of the Android version of WhatsApp.

Among the successive changes in functionality, a new read later also appeared, which basically groups WhatsApp chats at the user’s choice for which no notifications are received, because all archived chats read later are automatically muted to reduce interruptions:


According to the latest rumors, the arrival of vacation mode to WhatsApp and reading later would be almost ready for both iOS and Android.

Buy and pay directly on WhatsApp

Shopping carts on WhatsAppShopping carts on WhatsApp

The company has made many changes to WhatsApp for business, and one of them is the possibility of making purchases directly in the app. And it is that although the last update included the WhatsApp shopping carts, it is still not possible to pay directly from the application.

This functionality will allow us to buy and receive physical orders, pay for them and have a follow-up from the app. Its operation will be very simplified: we will only have to enter the chat window of the business or company and access its catalog.

In it, we can explore and choose the items that we like the most and add them to the cart. The completion of the purchase is identical to any online store. One of the great novelties of WhatsApp on the way to its monetization.