The most flirtatious, Alexa Dellanos shows off outfits from her apartment

The most flirtatious, Alexa Dellanos boasts outfits from her apartment (INSTAGRAM)

The most flirtatious, Alexa Dellanos shows off outfits from her apartment | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful influencer Y american model Alexa Dellanos has not stopped spoiling her loyal followers of Instagram and this time she did it with three videos in which she was more than flirtatious.

That’s right, these are three clips that were recorded in his luxurious department of Miami, Florida, in which he was motivated to wear three of his best outfits and the most flirtatious, firstly one consisting of a top and one skirt, with which by the way I walk with black boots, this of course with her beautiful blonde hair that draws a lot of attention in the shots.

Second more boasted a set which is complete a body, which by the way has small moons drawn all over its fabric and with which he also placed his hand on his waist so you can see his tremendous curves.

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Finally you will find your black swimsuit of two pieces, which also has glitters and that adorned its charms in such a perfect way that its fans were totally in love when they saw it.

But the most incredible of all are those looks and movements that he makes Alexa dellanos With his hands, his face and his hair, he manages to raise the temperature of any user who comes to see these videos.

Of course, their true fans quickly shared them among their friends both to be inspired by fashion and to continue to appreciate their great beauty, in what could be their latest and best videos so far.

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Alexa Dellanos spends a lot of her time in the gym and in fact, her stories also share some images of when she is exercising, always striving to stay healthy and of course to maintain that dream figure that she has.

He showed that in his apartment he was having a kind of celebration where he decided to wear his beautiful outfits on the floor of the same apartment there were many black and white balloons and he also managed to show more of that elegant and beautiful place.

By the way, he also shared a small video in which his mother Myrka Dellanos is giving him a kiss on the cheek, the famous Telemundo presenter who has not stopped working despite the circumstances that are happening in the world, always very dedicated to what she does and working hard to get ahead and of course always with the best attitude, something that speaks highly of her.

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