The most famous dogs in science

The dog is man’s best friend, but besides being a great company, have helped make unprecedented discoveries in science.

Read this list of the most famous dogs in science. You will not be disappointed to learn about all that we have achieved thanks to them. We owe them a lot. Did you know that without them, diabetes could not have been controlled? Or that a tenderloin was key in the existence of the telephone as we know it? This is a tribute to all those four-legged friends who have served as pillars in the advancement of humanity.


most famous dogs science

In France, there are the famous Lascaux caves, which house a large number of prehistoric paintings that are the first examples of art made by humans.

According to many versions, these works would not be as well known if it were not for this little dog named Robot. It turns out that if the dog hadn’t slipped down a hole that led to the caves while passing by with its owner in 1940, the more than 600 such important images would still be in the dark.


most famous dogs science

Another of the most famous dogs in science. Laika was the first cannon to reach space when the Soviets launched her into the Sputnik-2 space capsule. The sympathetic friend suffered a sad fate, but her legacy continues to inspire the race to the stars.

Here you can consult the article published in Cinema PREMIERE when a new anniversary of his great feat was fulfilled.

Strelka and Belka

most famous dogs science

Laika sadly did not survive, but her sacrifice served to prove that the Soviets could send living beings into outer space. That is why, in 1960, Sputnik-5 was launched with a crew consisting of a rabbit, mice, rats and these two puppies.

Fortunately, the friends returned safely, they did not show any affectations from the trip and they even had descendants. It should be noted that the fact that they returned healthy served to ensure the trip of the Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin.


most famous dogs science

This adorable Terrier, owned by Alexander Graham Bell, helped the scientist develop his first “talking machine” (the forerunner of the telephone). With the help of his father, Bell trained Trouve to clench his jaw each time he barked, so that the sounds he made were mistaken for a human voice.

With a lot of work involved, the dog was able to bark something like the words “How are you, grandma?” (How are you, Grandmother?). The experiment obviously worked.

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most famous dogs science

Insulin was discovered by medical students Frederick Banting and Charles Best in 1921. Unfortunately, to test the substance, they had to inject it into many animals, who could not bear the doses and had their pancreas removed, eventually developing early diabetes.

Marjorie’s case stands out because she was the only dog ​​that survived more than two months… even with daily injections! A great help for the treatment of diabetes.


most famous dogs science

He is considered the most intelligent dog in the world, since, over 15 years of life, he managed to learn and identify 1,022 proper names. Thus, it was proven that it was the non-human living being with the best long-term memory.

Unfortunately, this cute Border Collie passed away last year.


most famous dogs science

He is famous because, thanks to a long journey, he managed to save the lives of many people. In 1925, an epidemic of diphtheria attacked the town of Nome, endangering the lives of its inhabitants. To prevent it from becoming older, several groups of 20 dogs had to travel, guided by their owners, different areas of Alaska to pass the only available cure and take it back to the town. Togo, although weak, managed to run the entire way.

We invite you to read the review of Cinema PREMIERE to the Disney Plus movie based on the story of this heroic friend.


most famous dogs science

Balto was present in the same race as Togo, but only ran the last quarter of the race. Still, he is one of the most famous dogs in science and is often well remembered for his achievement, as he arrived in the final group with the medications.

There is also a movie of his, which was released in 1995.

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