the most expensive Air Jordan sneakers in history

Air Jordan shoes are still very popular and now on Michael Jordan’s birthday, we show you the most expensive of all.

When we think of Michael Jordan, we think of his achievements as an athlete and even his appearance with the Looney Tunes at Space Jam, but one of the most important things he has left the world is his sneakers.

From the Nike brand, the Air Jordan became completely legendary and there are many cases where they have been sold at exorbitant prices, just like the ones we will see below.

The flu game

It was back in 1997 when the Chicago Bulls faced the Utah Jazz. Things for the Bulls were not looking very good, well apart from being tied in the overall 2-2 mark, Michael Jordan was not at his best, as he was sick with the flu.

Although it was not something that made him leave the court, he could be seen weak, tired and his performance was far below usual. But still, in the last quarter of the game, managed to lead the Bulls to victory by scoring 15 points that made the difference. He did it all wearing the Air Jordan 12 footwear.

Now known as Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game) the originals of that time with a premium leather finish, in perfect condition and in their original presentation, were sold at an impressive amount of 140 thousand dollars ($ 140,000).

It is not only that you were buying a collector’s sports shoe, but you were buying part of the history of the NBA, where one of Michael Jordan’s greatest feats is remembered, showing everyone that the impossible can be achieved.

Currently, many reissues of this special shoe have been released and finding originals from that year is basically impossible. But I think it is still worth having one of these, because they also look very good despite the passage of the years..