The most elegant thief you can imagine! Spanish trailer for ‘Lupine III: The First’

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Bresson Diary is the only treasure that legendary white-collar thief Arsenio Lupine was unable to steal in his entire life. According to legend, whoever is able to unravel its secrets can acquire an immense fortune.

After setting his eyes on that legendary target, Lupine meets Leticia, a young woman who loves archeology, and the two decide to work together to solve the mystery. However, Lambert, an investigator for a secret organization who is also searching for the Bresson Diary, and Gerald, a mysterious man who pulls the strings of the organization, stand in their way.

What is the surprising truth behind Bresson Diary? From Paris to Mexico to Brazil … A treasure hunt begins on an unprecedented global scale!

After passing through the Annecy or Sitges festivals, on January 29, Selecta Vision will premiere ‘Lupine III: The First‘, film based on the famous homonymous manga written by Monkey Punch (stage name of Kazuhiko Katō).

Takashi Yamazaki (‘Stand by me Doraemon’) is writing and directing the film, while the prestigious Tōhō (‘Akira’, ‘My Neighbor Totoro’) is in charge of production.

The LUPINE III manga was created by Monkey Punch in 1967, and appeared in the first issue of Weekly Manga Action magazine. The story recounts the adventures of a gang of thieves led by Arsenio Lupine III, the grandson of Arsenio Lupine, a white-collar thief created by French author Maurice Leblanc at the beginning of the 20th century.

The character became very popular in Japan, Europe and the United States and for years manga have been published, various anime adaptations, and even several movies have been made. Some of them have had animation masters as directors, such as Hayao Miyazaki with ‘Lupine III: El castillo de Cagliostro’, from 1979.

Lupine III: The First‘is the new adventure of the most elegant spy in anime; an adventure told, for the first time, in 3D computer animation and that, finally, finally, reaches the big screen in Spain.

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