June is a month marked for all: the classes finish, the heat tightens and the tourism increases, in the same way that the lovers of the adventures led by managers expand their « working hours ». Given the nature of this year, staying at home will be the choice of a large part of the population, so articles such as those we take from «NextN’s Most Wanted» are useful for gamers to discover new prey with which to vitiate . Did some type of game predominate in the sixth month of the year? This time the section is loaded with proposals from many different genres and for all budgets, so you may discover a new gem today. Let’s go to the mess!

Following our usual trend, we did a survey on Twitter through which we asked your preferences for what was launched in May. Xenoblade razed and though It was close to a change between second and third position, PlatinumGames’ work managed to keep the type. Will something similar happen next time or will there be a greater division in the votes? Thanks to everyone for participating! By the way, to make this edition possible 15 editors voted and 307 points, out of 315 possible, were distributed among 19 nintendero launches.

A little music to make reading enjoyable, never hurts.

NextN’s Most Wanted: Honorable Mentions

Position 11. Blair Witch, a «survival horror» developed by Bloober Team, it got 7 points before going on sale.
Position 12. Pokémon Café Mix, a «free to play» created by Genius Sonority, got 5 points.
Position 12. The curious «RPG» of Lab Zero Games, Indivisible, It finally came to us in physical format and we gave it 5 points.
Position 12. Do Not Feed The Monkeys, an adventure from Fictiorama Studios, retained 5 points.
Position 15. Invisible, Inc, a tactical game from Klei Entertainment, it caught 3 points in « NextN’s Most Wanted ».
Booth 15. Unfinished Pixel brought chibi-style soccer to Nintendo Switch on June 19 with Super Soccer Blast.
Position 15. The « shoot‘ em up « of Reikon Games, Ruiner, he got 3 points from us.
Position 15. The Outer Worlds, a « shooter » from Obsidian Entertainment received 3 points.
Position 19. Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour, a retro 3D Realms first-person shooter scratched 2 points.

[Top 10] Star Wars Episode I Racer

No matter how many years pass, you will always want to take careers in those titles in which you shared good times with friends and family. Proof of this is Star Wars Episode I Racer, a work by LucasArts that premiered in 1999 in the already very veteran Nintendo 64, which returns to the old days with eight points under its belt and a small facelift to adapt to the times.

[Top 9] Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated

From « remaster » to « remaster » and I shoot because it’s my turn. Now we are going to talk about a 3D platforms, whose protagonist lives in a pineapple under the sea. More specifically we refer to Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated, the remastering that THQ Nordic has put on the table of the title that came out at the time of PlayStation 2, GameCube and the original Xbox. Do not be fooled by appearances, since you escaped quite well from our analysis and accumulated 10 points in «NextN’s Most Wanted».

[Top 8] Summer in Mara

Resource management video games are very well received in the Nintendo hybrid and it goes without saying that there were people on staff who were looking forward to the release of the Chibig project in these parts. Summer in Mara puts us in the shoes of Koa, a little adventurer who, living in an archipelago, has set out to explore the ocean around her. We gave him eleven points and recently we dedicated a review in the web. Will you accompany her on her journey?

[Top 7] The Min Min DLC in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

It is known to all that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate moves mountains and even without ARMS being the franchise most requested by the nintenderos, the Min Min announcement made quite a lot of noise on social networks. After her, there are still five characters to announce from the second wave of DLC. Did you like me to open the piñata? For our part, we carry out a tiebreaker vote with twelve editors between the user with extendable arms and Summer in Mara, thus being the first with 8 votes and the seventh position.

[Top 6] Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion « Isle of Armor »

After an endless number of years in which third versions were the norm, Pokémon has welcomed new technologies with a chip change. Which translates into moving through the terrain of expansions. No need to pay the price of a complete game, or go through the sometimes tedious process of repeating the same journey from the beginning, to enjoy a couple of additions. As usual, there are people who liked this change, others who did not and some who think they are on the right track, but who still have a lot to polish to live up to what is expected of a name. as sound as Pokémon is. Be that as it may, Gloria and Víctor are ready to enjoy the DLC in two parts Game Freak proposes, and to check it you just have to see how they managed to capture 21 points without messing up.

[Top 5] The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III

We warn you that the trailer contains « spoilers ». If you are going to play the previous thing, do not touch it with a stick.

If the editor of this text were asked about developers that he considers undervalued, probably one of the ones that would come out of his mouth would be Falcom. Although it is true that his works do not boast of striking graphic sections, they more than compensate the problem with elaborate stories, soundtracks that take away the hiccups and not neglecting at all the gameplay of these. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III it is a «JRPG» that places us a year and a half later than the events of the second installment. Rean Schwarzer now occupies a new role in the world and their actions will affect the fate that awaits Erebonia … Class VII grabbed 24 points, do you want to sign up for their lessons?

[Top 4] Burnout Paradise Remastered

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It has cost him a little, but it seems that Electronic Arts is finally turning to what the hybrid of Nintendo is capable of offering and we have rewarded this remastering, with 33 points in the votes of «NextN’s Most Wanted». Burnout Paradise Remastered is a racing video game created by Criterion Games, in which the player discovers Paradise City causing chaos, while burning wheels and enjoying an arcade experience.

[Top 3] Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Some may wonder what this is doing here, having already entered the eighth position of the previous edition. The reason for repeating dish, is that June 4 was when it came out in the Nintendo eShop in Europe, which made it easier for us to take it into account when voting and to take 48 points instead of 14. If you have doubts about whether it is worth it or not, we invite you to take a look at its analysis. He took an outstanding from our Trekker!

[Top 2] Ninjala

What is better than a great game? The answer is simple: a great game, which is gratuitous. That is the case of Ninjala, a multiplayer action release, with paid story mode, which is exclusive to Nintendo Switch. This work by GungHo Online Entertainment that reminds a bit of Splatoon, chewed 49 points as if it were a chewing gum and to get into it you do not even have to pay the online subscription. What are you waiting to give it a try?

[Top 1] 51 Worldwide Games

« Sometimes, less is more » It is a very common saying, but it does not have a bit of a lie. There are many players who only pay attention to whether a title looks spectacular or not, in the frames per second or in the format in which it arrives and it is not unusual for them not to stop to think about less ambitious things like 51 Worldwide Games, They are able to make us experience very funny situations, simply by being in the company of a family member, a friend and even strangers from other parts of the world. As its name suggests, fifty-one mini-games make up this NDcube creation. Its wide range of possibilities grabbed 56 points and the crown of the month.

The truth is that the editor in charge of the section was surprised by the results, since he imagined that Ninjala would keep the first place, that The Outer Worlds would make more noise and that the SpongeBob video game would sneak within ten first caught him by surprise. Did you expect these results? In short, the time has come to close this edition of «NextN’s Most Wanted». We hope we have helped you decide what to buy in June and that you take good care of yourself … this 2020 is being crazy!