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A user survey reveals that the most desired feature of iPhone 13 already exists in almost all Android and even some iPhone. Can you imagine what it is?

There are still a few months to go before we get to know the iPhone 13, but rumors have already told us about some of the features that Apple could offer us in its 2021 mobiles. Thanks to this information, users can begin to get an approximate idea of what we can expect from the next generation of iPhone.

But, beyond what the rumors say, what do users want to see in the new Apple phones? In order to provide an answer to this and other questions related to the Cupertino company’s products, the SellCell mobile buying and selling portal has carried out a survey that, among other things, make it clear what is the most desired feature of the iPhone 13.

As you can see in the following graphic, the most anticipated feature by users is the return of Touch ID. The fingerprint sensor is present in almost all Android phones, in the iPhone before the iPhone X and in the iPhone SE (2020), but we cannot find it in the iPhone with Face ID.

The return of Touch ID is one of the rumors of the iPhone 13 that is sounding louder. Everything indicates that Apple is already testing the fingerprint sensor under the screen and the most recent information indicates that all iPhone 13 models will come with Touch ID.

User opinion makes it clear that the return of the fingerprint reader to the iPhone will be widely celebrated. And, although Face ID works excellently, there are times when it is not possible to use it and another biometric authentication system is missed to be able to unlock the device quickly.

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We have been able to verify this during the pandemic, since facial recognition does not work with the mask on. There are some tricks to unlocking the iPhone with the mask, although they do not always get good results. On the other hand, recently Apple has released the function to unlock the iPhone with a mask with the Apple Watch and, although the feature is practical and effective, it requires the user to have the smartwatch.

The Touch ID under the screen that the rumors advance would be the perfect solution to this problem, and that is why it is the most desired feature by users according to the SellCell survey. A screen with a higher refresh rate is the second most desired feature, followed by the reduction or disappearance of the notch, the return of the charger to the box and a larger battery.

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