The most controversial video

The fight generated controversy before it was disputed, due to the fact that an undefeated former champion like the mythical Floyd mayweather He will face someone who is not a professional boxer, just for the simple fact of being a famous YouTube. This generated a lot of debate about the ‘show’ mounted in Las Vegas so that both could see each other in a fight that moved large numbers. Mayweather He had assured TMZ before the fight that his cache for this ‘show’ was $ 50 million to $ 100 million. It all depended on income from pay TV. And it is clear that the longer the fight lasted, the more it was going to take. Also, this fight was scheduled for eight three-minute rounds. Coincidence or not, many speculated before the fight that Floyd would take pity on his opponent and not fully use himself to knock him out so that the fight would reach the planned eight rounds. Therefore, the controversy continued after the ‘show’.

It became clear that Floyd mayweather He did not give everything to crush his rival. But from there to helping him, it goes a long way. And that is precisely what the always controversial boxer seems to be doing, judging by a video that soon became viral on social networks.

In it, Floyd Mayweather can be seen crouching down to hold Paul logan, who appears to be heading towards the ground. For this reason, many Twitter users spread this image to show that it was an exhibition more than agreed. However, it is not clear from the image that this was Mayweather’s real intention, as he could have hit Paul to prevent a backlash from his opponent. What do you think?

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