The most beautiful caves in the world

Caves usually evoke images of bats, stalagmites and stalactites of greater or lesser size, rising from floors and ceilings in dark and damp hollows that seem to never end.

Some of them even hold length records, although they are not the most beautiful for that. For instance, in the state of Kentucky in the United States we came across the Fisher Ridge cave or the Fisher Ridge cave system It was discovered in January 1981 by a group of Michigan cavers associated with the Detroit Urban Grotto of the National Speleological Society. It is located near the Colossal Cave National Park (or Mammoth Cave National Park). This cave is more than 208 kilometers long, according to the last measurement of February 2019 and the carbon dating of some of the findings made in it indicates that there were visitors to the cave almost 3,000 years ago. Its first visitors, archaic Native Americans who discovered the cave and used it to, among other things, play a kind of ancient chess carved into the rock.

Today, we will focus not on the largest or longest caves, but on those that will cause an overwhelming feeling in us due to their lavishness.

They may sound like something out of a movie, but these impressive caves are part of our natural heritage and We can find them scattered around remote parts of the world such as Asia, North America or Europe.

Some caves formed over millions of years in which the water, filtered through the limestone cracks, causes the stone to dissolve little by little, creating all kinds of openings, tunnels and rooms; others, created after the gradual erosion of sea water or fresh water from a lake.

While it is true that some of these caves are open to the public, most are only suitable for extreme adventurers They must get permission in advance to dive into them as special equipment and expertise are required.

Although we do not meet these characteristics, thanks to professional photographers and scientific research we may be able to know these mysterious and fascinating places in our little world.