The most artistic Porsche Taycan, auctioned for 168,000 euros


ACD avatar ACD April 27, 2021

Porsche has just auctioned a very special Taycan that artist Richard Phillips has painted in a unique way.

Porsche, together with RM Sotheby’s, SIGNal Design and American artist Richard Phillips, have created a one-of-a-kind Porsche Taycan with a paint job like no other in the world. They just auctioned it for $ 200,000 or, what is the same, 168,000 euros

The Porsche Taycan 4S, with its paint job designed by Richard Phillips, was sold in a worldwide online auction for 7 days, from April 6 to 13. Its price, as we say, has reached 168,000 euros, which is about 59,000 euros more than what this same version of the Porsche electric car costs at a dealership. Mind you, for a good cause.

A Unique Porsche Taycan for a good cause

Porsche Taycan Artcar, sold

2 photos Porsche Taycan Artcar, sold


The Swiss non-profit organization, Suisseculture Sociale, is the beneficiary of this charity auction. The organization supports all professional cultural creatives with exclusive dedication, regardless of their artistic expression, who live in Switzerland or have Swiss nationality, in order to receive support in the harsh times of Covid-19.

Richard Phillips is a well known american artist whose personal work has been exhibited in some of the most prestigious galleries in the world, such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Tate Gallery in London.

Phillips created the Taycan Artcar first for a local Zurich restaurant, where it was exhibited to support this business during the pandemic. Recently, Porsche and RM Sotheby’s got together to present the project at a worldwide auction for Suisseculture Sociale.

As the pictures show, the car is covered in a nature themed piece with flowers of all kinds, a vibrant blue sky and a small butterfly on the roof. All closely related to sustainability. Phillips was able to finish the project with the help of SIGNal Design, which made it possible for the artist’s ideas and paintings to be seamlessly printed on a real Taycan.

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“We wanted to capture this achievement by collaborating with a leading artist. The result is this creation, which reflects the guiding principles of sustainability and electromobility and of course it also places a strong emphasis on nature in Switzerland, ”explained Porsche Schweiz AG CEO Michael Glinski Glinski. “By auctioning the work and donating the proceeds we want to help the Swiss cultural scene, which has been particularly affected by the pandemic. Porsche has taken a safe course in this crisis and we look forward to giving something back to the community.

Is not the first collaboration between Porsche and Phillips. The artist also designed a Porsche Artcar in 2019, together with Jörg Bergmeister, then an official Porsche driver. Project 1 Motorsport’s Porsche 911 RSR became the first Artcar in history to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the toughest endurance race in the world.