Positive day for the MOEX Russia Index, which closed the day on Tuesday, July 28 with slight increases in 0.37%, until the 2,895.45 points. He MOEX Russia Index marked the maximum number of 2,907.03 points and a minimum of 2,877.40 points. The listing range for the MOEX Russia Index between its highest and lowest point (maximum-minimum) during this day it was located in the 1.02%.

Taking into account the last seven days, the MOEX Russia Index records a rise in 2.47%, so that in year-on-year terms it still maintains an increase in 7.2%. He MOEX Russia Index a 10.08% below its maximum this year (3,219.92 points) and a 37.05% above its minimum price for the current year (2,112.64 points).

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