Every day he gets up early, cooks breakfast and even takes time to wash dirty dishes

By: Web Writing

United States.- With 152 billion dollars, Jeff Bezos he is the wealthiest man in the world, founder and CEO of the company Amazontheir business They range from retail sales to film production and cutting-edge technologies.

However, he is also the founder of the Blue Origin aerospace company, as well as owning The Washington Post.

Given the large number of companies it leads and the enormous finance You must handle, many might think that your routine is a total chaos full of stress, however, you organize with your tasks throughout the week to establish a daily routine.

According to an article in Business Insider magazine, the tycoon has a routine aimed at helping him become more disciplined and orderly with his businesses.

« He works hard, but his daily routine indicates that he is not a workaholic. He includes a lot of time for his close circle and even allocates time in his day to do the dishes himself. »

one) Jeff Bezos sleep and wake up early. As he said in a conference in the past, he likes to sleep 8 hours a day to have as much energy as possible for the day.

2) Every morning he gets up reading the newspaper for breakfast, which he cooks regularly. Everything with coffee included. As he describes it, he likes to laze around in the morning.

3) Around 10 in the morning he meets with the committee of Amazon, he says are the most challenging meetings.

4) If you have an afternoon meeting, you usually buy two pizzas for the whole team.

5) He doesn’t usually make difficult decisions after 5 in the afternoon. Regularly if something comes up, he prefers to attend to it the next day.

6) Almost every day he dines in his own house the food that he prepares. He also takes the time to do the dishes himself.

7) His hobbies range from watching Star Trek movies, reading NASA articles, playing with his dog, or hanging out with his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez.

8) Exercise every weekend, walk, and play tennis.

The billionaire businessman Jeff Bezos studied Computer Science at Princeton University and despite the multiple job offers, during the year of 1994, he founded the company Amazon.

This is how what started as a modest online book business made the company one of the most valuable companies in the world.