The mobile and fiber operators most appreciated by customers in Spain, according to the OCU | Technology

In the OCU they have carried out a study to know the satisfaction of the clients with their telephone and internet services.

The same thing happens with telephone companies as with electricity or insurance companies, there are those with a very good image and also others that are known to be problematic, but asking customers is the best way to find out which ones are best. They have done the same at the OCU with their latest study.

Under the title Satisfaction with telephone operators, the OCU has asked customers about different services: landline, mobile phone, internet, pay television … The information collected is very interesting, especially for those who are thinking about change company in the future.

Today we no longer have two or three companies to choose from, something that can be seen in the published listings that are generally headed by operators that They are not the most important in the country in terms of market volume.

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In the OCU report, different services have been selected and it can be observed which are the companies with the highest valuation. We share them with you so you can take note if you are going to change at any time.

Mobile telephony

Operator Global Satisfaction Pepephone84O281Simyo79Digi79Racctel + 79

Fixed telephony

Operator Global Satisfaction O281Racctel + 79Digi76Guuk76

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Internet at home

Operator Global Satisfaction Simyo83Pepephone81O280Digi79Racctel + 78

Pay TV

Operator Global Satisfaction CableWorld69 PTV Telecom67 Movistar TV67

It can be observed that the most important multinationals hardly appear in these tables. This detail will surely be of interest to consumers who may value or wish to discover these operators that are often unknown to the general public.

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