Since John Morrison has returned to WWE, both he and The Miz have made a great team. Although they were not used very well, They managed to get the Smackdown tag team championships and retain them at Wrestlemania 36. They also had a He fights for the Universal championship in WWE Backlash but they failed to beat Braun Strowman to do it.

Right now, nobody knows what the future of these two talents will be. However, The Miz came up with a very interesting proposal for Summerslam, an event that seemed to be the first to be held with the public after a long time but was eventually ruled out.

Daniel Bryan at the Miz sight

In an interview for Sports Illustrated, former WWE champion The Miz spoke about the next opponent he would like to face in the future. This gave a very interesting answer. He said he would rather face the team made up of Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak in ¨the biggest party of the summer¨. Said Beating Daniel Bryan is one of his favorite things to do in WWE and he would do it with someone around him as well.

Summerslam will be held on August 23, 2020 at the Performance Center. Could it be that WWE is preparing a rivalry between both teams for this pay-per-view? Or was it just a simple comment from The Miz in an interview? It remains to be seen what happens as we still have the Extreme Rules event ahead of us.

The story between Daniel Bryan and The Miz

These two superstars had one of the longest and most conservative feuds in WWE history. It all started when The Miz introduced Daniel Bryan in 2010 as their NXT “rookie”.

However, things went awry enough, when Bryan snatched The Miz from the United States’ championship. After that, Daniel Bryan and The Miz began a rivalry that lasted until 2018.

The Miz managed to give one of the best promos of his career on a show from the old Talking Smackdown. Daniel Bryan, retired back then and exercising his job of Smackdown Live general manager, accused The Miz of not giving it your all in the ring and being a gentle-style fighter. This annoyed The Miz, who unleashed his fury on Bryan in a big promo.

After a while, Daniel Bryan returned to the WWE ring And that was a good reason to end the rivalry between these two superstars. At Summerslam 2018, The Miz managed to beat Daniel Bryan and it seemed like this rivalry would come to an end. We will see what WWE prepares us for the future and if Daniel Bryan and Miz will meet again.

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