Fresh or canned, sardines can be cooked throughout the year in gourmet recipes. They are tasty and very easy to make for summer meals, for example. But do you really know how to taste it properly? We tell you everything.

How to eat sardines correctly?

Sardines are very interesting from a nutritional point of view because they are rich in omega 3, fats that are beneficial to the heart and arteries. What is less known is that its edges are rich in calcium, a mineral that strengthens and protects bone capital, and prevents osteoporosis (decrease in bone mass responsible for fractures after menopause). And yes, if you tend to remove the bones from your sardines, it is a mistake! It is advisable to eat them. For that, it is enough simply to crush them before feasting.

What to do with sardines?

Rather fragrant, sardines are great for outdoor cooking, especially for barbecues and tasty and inexpensive summer planchas. All you have to do is salt and pepper them, and grill them in a double-sided grill or lined up on skewers, Andalusian style. Sardines are also the queen of quick aperitif spreads, for example with fresh cheese, decorating it with all the aromatics you like: garlic, onion, fresh herbs, spices, lemon juice …

They are also excellent in frying, especially in tempura. But watch out for the smell! Roughly mix 150 g of flour + 50 g of cornstarch + 1 lightly beaten egg + 50 cl of ice water, then dip your sardine fillets in this paste. Fry them immediately in hot oil and enjoy!

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